November 12, 2009


Hey people, no real topic comes to mind so I'm just rambling.

My apartment can't seem to stay clean, it's frustrating. I'm in the midst of switching out the summer for winter clothes and I can't put the summer stuff away till I finish the laundry. So there are bags of clothes all over the place that need to go into the under bed storage soon.

The big Egypt Algeria game on Saturday is all the buzz. If we win by 3, I think? We go to the world cup for the first time in 20 years. If we win people will go CRAZY in the streets. I hope Egypt wins, people are so happy when we do!

I was going to post about Potatoes Au Gratin but I forgot to take a pic and I don't really have a recipe I just layer sliced thin potatoes with cheddar or different cheeses, and salt, pepper, dill, a little bit of butter and milk and bake.

I got a new shibshib. Shibshib is Egyptian for flip flops. No one walks around the house without slippers or flip flops in Egypt, so we go through them pretty often.

Eid's coming up in a couple of weeks, anyone have plans yet? I'm hoping we might go away for a few days, inshaAllah. We'll see.

We got some new winter clothes for the kids recently. There's this outlet type store that sells brand names made in Egypt stuff and they're prices are pretty good. We got 4 pjs, 10 shirts, a pair of jeans, pants and a top for me all for under 500LE. My oldest daughter, Zayneb is 9 and she's starting to really care about clothes and stuff, but thankfully we found stuff they all liked.

I love eating apple slices with cheese! Dubliner cheese is best. I heard of that snack once and thought, huh? But it's really good. Try it.

I don't know what to make for dinner today. The eternal question.

Safiyah (5) is starting to become a bit of a teller of tales. Recently she told us how she went swimming at school and the teacher gave her a bathing suit etc. She adds details. I think she's been trying see how far she can go, kinda testing to see what we'll believe. I'm gonna go ahead and not worry about it. I think it might be normal.

Perfect Housewives is on. Have you seen this show? It's British. This woman Anthea Turner has 2 messy housewives/husbands clean and declutter their homes completely. It's really motivational to watch. Some of their homes are scary. They win a tiara. And a clean home. I like that they do it themselves and not have someone come in and do it for them like on "Clean House". Anthea is a trip. She can't be that perfect all the time. Her house is ridiculous. And she keeps nice nails. I'll bet she has help.


  1. Hope Egypt wins, too! No plans for Eid, yet. Probably the usual-prayer, house-hopping, and Chuck-e-Cheese's for the kids. Apples w/cheese is good. I like them w/peanut butter, too. I wouldn't worry about Safiyah's "imagination" either. Kids do all kinds of things to test waters and they have very active imaginations. It's cute!

  2. Yes, I agree with Umm Omar... Safiyah is quite normal- that happens around this age. And apples & cheese is delectable! Believe it or not, at very high class social parties, this is one of the appetizers.....
    yeah, my driver is all hyped about it- I think he mentioned he was going... geesh, more horn honking, screaming and flags everywhere! :)

  3. I remember eating apples and cheese and apple pizza in school when we learned about Johnny Appleseed. Haha.

    I have never seen Perfect Housewives, it sounds really interesting!

    Laundry never seems to end, does it? My house doesn't stay clean either. Speaking of which, I should get off the internet and go clean it!

  4. A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. A friend and her family used to eat pear halves spread with mayo and topped with shredded cheddar. Couldn't get myself to try it though. :-)

    BTW sister, I loved your random post. Nice to see other moms have a touch of that ADD too! lol

    Ma salaama...

  5. i hate seasonal packing! i havent even started

  6. Umm Omar, Glad to hear you think it's normal!

    Empress Anissa, I don't mind the street party after the wins it's fun!

    Melissa, Apple pizza!? Cool. I'm about 2 loads away from the bottom of the hamper, exiting stuff.

    Umm Aaminah, Thanks! The mayo part sounds gross but who knows.

    Angie Nader, get cracking! Lol jk.

  7. oh my god!!

    I watch the show Perfect Housewife too and I get off my bum and go clean up MY house hahahah

    and yes, i think you're right. i am absolutely certain Anthea has help. she certainly looks like she has the money and NO TIME to do it all herself!!

  8. Kit, I know, it really makes you feel like cleaning. Yep, she's one to talk, I bet she has maids, does she have kids?

  9. salams mona, I think Safiya is normal because i used to work in child care and they do it all the time hehehe. Just attention i guess. But very cute mashallah she is.

    Love ya

  10. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I love to read your Randomosity posts :)!They're cool!
    I so get you about season packing.I struggle with it every year.I don't know why :)!Anyway,I did it two days ago and I'm glad it's done.
    I think your smaller daughter is just going through a phase!As for the older daughter,I think it's so sweet that she's getting slowly into the I-want-to-have-pretty-clothes phase.It's where the style of an adult woman is born!

  11. Sara, Oh good, thanks!

    Jasmina, Thanks, yea I think it's cute too.

  12. Mona,

    I read on wikipedia (so I don't know if its accurate or not) that she has 3 stepchildren....

    But I'm quite sure that she has maids and such.

    I don't know why SHE'S been chosen to host the perfect housewife... i think it has more to do with her being a celebrity than her abilities to keep house.

  13. Kit, I guess she's famous in Britain, What was she famous for before PH?

  14. My son Muhammad (6) does the story-telling bit too - and now I've learned, I ask, "is this a story, or what really happened?" Most of the time he admits that its a story, and I help him add some embelishments :) kind of as a reward for being honest about it. They can be QUITE imaginative!

    Eid Mubarak too BTW :)

  15. Mona, That's a good Idea. She's really adamant about her stories too. sticks to 'em. Thanks!


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