November 22, 2009

J Day

So today I went out with my friend J, you know, the one I met on the internet? Anyway, it was really nice, we hadn't seen each other in a while and the kids were also excited to see each other.

Right off the bat, we had a flat tire, but thankfully fixed it quicky and cheaply, I might add. We decided to go to the mall, It was hectic at times with 8 kids between us but it was fun. We went and ate at the food court, then we went to her house. We spotted a fox right near their house! It was really quick but so cool to see. I played a bit of hula hoop on the wii fit, it was so funny! J kept laughing at me. She'd gone a little trip back to Canada and brought us some loot! Check it out...

You can never go wrong with candy and magazines! The kids took turns playing wii and we (<--lol) talked and talked. Thanks J! We had a great day :)


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    had a great time too!! let's do it again soon!!!

    u foxy mama!!!

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Foxy mama :D!

    I love to read your J posts!It must have been so much fun with her.
    Don't take me for stupid,but you know,I didn't know there were foxes in Egypt.I thought they live in more colder places.
    He,he,he...another girl whose blog I follow,posted about a fox in her last post,too.It's Deep in Vogue in my sidebar!:D...maybe it was the same fox on vacation in Egypt :D!
    What's more,there's a hug for you on my blog :)!

  3. Anon/J, Heh, you know it!

    Jasmina, Yea there are lots of foxes in the desert. Great I'll check it out! :)

  4. aww, how sweet of her masAllah! she always comes across in your posts as very thougthful.

  5. how wonderful for you and J!!

    and the kids, of course.

    8 kids though.... how did you guys manage them?? hahaahhaha.

  6. MJ, yea. She sure is!

    Kit Pryde, we've got lots of practice kid wrangling. :)


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