October 17, 2009

Yea, I Just ate...And??

Last night we had to run a few errands and the kids were studying all day for exams (already) so I didn't cook and we went out to dinner. The restaurant has a TV on all the time which isn't a problem usually. Most of the time it's some obscure movie and no one's paying attention. Yesterday Eye for an Eye was on. I felt really uneasy because I know this is a violent film and before I knew it, there was Kiefer Sutherland attacking a woman. I had to tell the kids not to look. We wanted to tell the guy to change the channel but there were other people there and I didn't know if we had the right. The kids didn't watch and were fine but it was awkward for a while. The have the best pizza there and I just had the left over for lunch.

After dinner we went to buy some navy blue school pants for D, he only had 1 so we got a pair and I stopped by the book man. I was quickly browsing titles and the summaries on the back, when I hear the guy go "didn't you just eat?" I turned around like ummm yea. So? Ha, he was talking to a big white and gray cat. She was so sweet, she let me pet her. Someone cut her whiskers short, poor thing. Anyway I picked out a couple of paperbacks and he gave me 10LE credit for giving him a book I didn't want. Which one should I read first?

Then we had to have a couple of shoes repaired. Zayneb's school shoe ripped when she tripped and the thong part of my flip flop broke so this guy fixed both on the spot for just 2LE. That's a good thing about Egypt. They will fix anything. They don't throw stuff out so easily.

While he did that, I stopped in little store to see if they had lunch bags. No luck but I got some socks for the kids, stickers and this cute little ring.

It's the little things, really. I know it's materialistic, but small purchases like these make me happy.


  1. I love the little things too! I dont think it is materialistic at all! Now if u were buying gold, perhaps!

    I am learning also that Egyptians can fix anything... way cool :))

  2. That ring is cute, sometimes it's nice to buy something for yourself even if it is small - really cheers you up :)

    The books look good, I think I'd read The Good Wife first :)

    Poor little cat with whiskers cut short :( How can someone do that to a sweet kitty :(

    And about the tv in the restaurant - that would creep me out having a scary movie on while watching dinner. I dunno if I would ask to change it either as I'd feel awkward but I guess if you have young kids with you it is your right to say something. I dunno. Thank goodness your kids didn't seem bothered by it.

  3. UmmTravis, Thanks. I'm not one for gold, I just have my engagement stuff. I like silver more.

    Amalia, I've started The Good Wife, so far so good. I know poor kitty right? My husband was saying subhanAllah part of why that guy is there is to give this cat her risq2...to feed her. She was so sweet sitting among the books. Yea the movie creeped me out, but alhamdulillah the kids weren't interested or looking even.

  4. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Miau :D!You made me laugh!Oh...but it's terrible that someone cut the whiskers to that cat :/!
    I'm sure you'll have fun reading both books,but I'd start with the Someone special first...just because.
    :o)...the ring is very nice.I'd like to have it,too.
    Oh...guess what?Hi,hi,hi...you've just been tagged ;)...for details,please check my blog.XOXOXO

    P.S.:I'm a big fan of shoemakers ;D!In Slovenia we have planty,while in Italy there're almost none and sometimes throwing away old shoes is the only option.

  5. i lovee the ring and ur nails look fab


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