October 6, 2009

The School Could Be Bathed In Dettol

Zayneb, Dawood & Salwa on their first day. (the girls had gym that day) Dawood looks just thrilled.

This whole thing is such a headache. Tonight we went to buy the stuff the school asked for in a list each student has to bring to prevent the spread of H1N1. The only thing we couldn't find was Dettol "air freshener" which I guess is like Lysol spray. Some of the stuff on the list has nothing to do with swine flu, it's just the parents buying supplies for the school. Like toilet paper. Most likely these items have been requested because the school has to have them when they get the government inspection. So more of our money goes to the school, but whatever. It's just typical.

The school administration also included in the list that we are not "allowed" to go to the promenade. Can you believe that? She thinks she can tell us what to do outside of school. It's an open walk way. I roll my eyes at that. No one's gonna adhere to that. There's nothing else to do here!

Grade school have to bring it in a bag, Just cheapo ones I got at the 3.50 store. Safiyah's is just sent in plastic bag. OH YEA! I now heard that the 11 am dismissal for KG is just the first week so, let's hope that's true. I need that time! Safiyah starts Saturday so she's just home with me these days, hanging out, watching Dora. You know, Dora here, is in Arabic and instead of teaching a few Spanish words she teaches a few English words instead. It's cute but can get on your nerves, the repetition! Also, a kid's show question...what the HELL is DOMO? What is he? Why does he have lockjaw? The other day 2 DOMOs were having a farting contest! haha.


  1. miss dettol!!
    i wish they had that here in the states

  2. Mom of 212:41 AM

    So I 'm not the only one!!" a big sigh":))
    I brought all these stuff "even the Kleenex was Spinney's too " :P..I guess they are here overreacting regarding the swine flu thing.i feel what u feel..they are using this crisis"if its really a crisis"to suck more money from our pockets.and all of us are "ONLY" doing it so not to make our kids look careless and indifferent compared to their colleagues who did buy these things,not because we really do believe that this manic precautions will stop anything bad from happening if God wanted it to happen..
    Anyways the girls look great in purple and the second girl looks like u "A lot"..I bet I'm not the only one who said that :)

  3. The kids look so cute! I hope everyone is able to stay healthy.

  4. Anonymous12:51 AM

    MashaAllah, the kids look ready and excited for school! Wow, lots of sanitary things.. inshAllah everyone's healthy. Woah, not going to the Promenade must suck, but i don't think she should tell you what to do when you're out of school. It's not like she takes care of them out of school. You know? lol. What ever.
    Hahah Dora in arabic.. it's here in Saudi too. OMG DOMO DRIVES ME INSANE! It's on Nickelodeon here and i think its so pointless. hahaha so were on the same boat here. Well, i hope everything works out with school, and Safiyah !
    ( BTW - do you ever get annoyed about how the school does annoying things like misspell your child's name and insist on that's the right way. Or mispronounce a word and insist on that's the way to say it? its so annoying when my kids come back and tell me something the teacher told them - and its wrong! AAHH!!)
    Well, Good Luck and Happy Back to School :D

  5. Anonymous3:16 AM

    HA! They extort all this money/supplies from you AND tell you that you can't hang out somewhere outside of school time??? Is the Promenade full of crazy gangs or violence or something? That's the only thing I can think of where they have a say...if any at all.

    At least the kids look cute! Stay healthy :)

    PS - DORA's annoying in any language, but of course, my girls love her!

  6. Your kids are so cute, mashAllah!

    I wonder though, do your children speak English with an American accent like you?

    I remember how my parents swept me off my feet to Egypt where all connections to America were broken.

  7. P.S: From all your posts, I realize how expensive kids are!

  8. Angie Nader, so you miss the smell? I mop with it sometimes.

    Momof2 I know, the kids wouldn't even get the spinney's brand disinfectant because "everyone else got Dettol!" Thanks, Yea everyone says Salwa looks like me:)

    Stacy aka Fahima, Thanks, inshaAllah.

    Kareema, We'll go to the promenade anyway! Yes, One teacher kept insisting that Zayneb's spelled Zainab and kept making her write it that way until I sent a copy of her New Jersey birth certificate with a note!

    bzmomma, she's got a problem with the promedade from before the swine flu. She'd always say that"her kids" learned bad words/habits from other kids there, like she raised them or something and anyway we don't leave them there alone, we go and they play near us with kids we know. Thanks!

    Organica, They speak English with an American accent but they downplay it and purposely speak like Egyptian kids do in school because they don't want to be different. Their Arabic is a lot better and yea it's expensive!!

  9. They look so adorable! :)

  10. Lots of stuff!! How weird that they have to bring their own toilet paper!!

    Here, in Quebec, Dora is in French, teaching children English. :)

  11. Hajar, thanks!

    Candice, Yea it's weird to me. But toilet paper here is still not a norm in all places. Public places like restaurants have it but most homes don't have it. They just use the bidet thing. I still say you need toilet paper too!

  12. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Wow,that's a lot of organizing and work!You're the best mom :)!
    I wish your kids a nice new school year =).
    Kiss,kiss honeybee...from chickadee :D!

  13. They're telling you where they can and can't go outside of school??? That's ridiculous!

    Domo, I don't know what it is, but my husband bought our daughter a Domo backpack, it's cute. But, yeah, he does look like he's got lock jaw! haha! And yes, Dora gets annoying in any language!

  14. Jasmina, hee, thanks...what was I? Honeybee?

    Melissa, yea it's really a joke that she even thought she could do that. No one cares a bunch of us are going tomorrow. Lol yea I think Domo should be drooling lol.

  15. Why couldn't they have just gotten the stuff themselves from the fees they already take? It's kind of annoying. And why do they want to tell you what to do outside of the school walls.

    My blood pressure just went up.


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