September 27, 2009

Top Five Things I Hate In Movies

1. When there's a huge mess being made. I think of the poor person who will have to clean it up. We recently watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and they made the worst messes. On the other hand I love magical cleaning sequences like in Mary Poppins when they snap the room clean or in Enchanted when the animals clean up.

2. When people drive in movies and barely look at the road! Amelie stated she hated that too in that movie. Seriously, they need to at least make it look like they are really driving. They're always looking at the person next to them, talking to them, almost never glancing at the road. This has gotten better over the years but it still happens.

3. This one's more of a personal thing. When people stand on a ledge or cliff. Like at the end of Vanilla Sky when Tom Cruise's character is on the top of that building. I don't know why it makes me so nervous, I actually notice that I'm leaning back myself while watching.

4. When people are in a diner or restaurant and they don't even drink or eat what they just ordered. Or pay sometimes.

5. When someone is running away from the bad guy and where do they run? UP stairs. Why? To make it more dramatic, but it makes zero sense. Also the action stars always get shot in the upper arm. How conveniently non lethal yet sympathy grabbing.

What about you guys?


  1. It drives me crazy that phone always dies when someones trying to call for help from the bad guy lol.

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    My BIGGEST peeve is in Egyptian movies when you have the starlet waking up on the morning with full make up and her hair done. Or when she is in the hospital for whatever reason yet looks perfect except for the cast on her leg or something like that.

    Another thing is the sound effects in Egyptian movies when some one is getting beat up. It reminds me of the old Batman series. Boom! Pow! Diish!

    BTW in your 1st thing you hate in movies you totally sound like my DH as far as liking things clean. LOL.

    Umm Tamim

  3. I'm with LostNiqabi (make-up in the morning)...but I was going to say # 5...that is so annoying.

    My own # 1 would be actually that it takes longer to kill women than you ever notice how gruesome and brutal it is? This is where my hubby would say..."there she goes, bring a feminist again...". BUT take a look, you will notice this as well.

  4. My Getaway, So true! and the Car wont start!

    LostNiquabi, OH my I just loled. The sound effects thing!!hahahahah. Or like the old ones when the phone rings the camera zooms in on the phone lol like we couldn't figure out what that sound was.

    Salma, I'm gonna try to pay attention I never noticed. Of course also the good guy can beat out 30 guys alone.

  5. Mom of 21:03 AM

    :D..I agree about the make-up's so common in Egyptian movies cuz most Egyptian actresses like to look flawless regardless of the authenticity or how this fit the situation..I guess that makes the director furious but he is helpless cuz if he protested,she might quit!!LOL

    I'm also surprised at the bluish bruises which fades overnight..I believe when someone is brutally beaten it takes him sometime to heal unless he is some kinda cartoon like Tom 'n Jerry..:D

    I also hate the 99% of the kisses r kinda expected..and that most probably the man and the woman acting the leading roles "MUST" fall in love..and those already in love must marry..!!that's hilarious..

  6. I hate how when something tragic happens, the female in the scene always cries so softly and beautifully. No, when you watch your son/husband/lover/father die you won't cry gracefully. It'll be an ugly, sloppy cry.

  7. Those are great! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks these things. Oh, another one that just kills me is in scary movies when the girl is running away from the crazy man and you can totally hear her 'cuz she has her heels on. First of all, I can't run very well in heels, so those would have been the first things I would ditch. But secondly, doesn't she hear the echo of her shoes?! If she can, he can! Duh!

  8. Mom of 2, Yea A lot of Egyptian movies they have like fake beards or whatever. I'm like can't you grow it for the role, I mean Look at Tom Hanks in Cast Away, he gained weight, lost weight, not sure about the beard but at least it looked real. That's a dedicated actor right there my friend!

    Majda, Ha I know! Go into the ugly cry!!

    Robyn, Oh yea heels need to go. I always wish they'd hide really well and really quietly till the bad guy goes elsewhere.

  9. When you have a perfectly nice decent movie and then they just have to throw in the steamy love scene, pelvic thrusts and bare chests and all. I mean we can all take a sublte hint. It doesn't need to be so graphic. Of course you know what they say "sex sells"...

  10. Stephanie, I agree, I don't need to see that. Especially even when it's not so graphic but still there, in a movie that would otherwise be suitable for family viewing! Also I HAAATE kissy sounds.

  11. what about when they just wake up and start kissing passionatly..yuck!!!

  12. Totally agree with the cleaning bit, I always feel bad about whoever has to clean the mess. I also think about who has to eat all the food and wash the dishes in cooking shows too.
    I hate it when someone needs to park there is always an empty parking space right where they need to park and they hardly ever lock their cars.

  13. Alright, this one's mostly an American thing, but in action movies involving Muslims, they *always* play the adhan when the Muslims are attacking. And every time, I get confused, like "wait, where are they praying? what? oh, *sigh* now I have to get up and leave." (Ironically, they did that on one of my favorite crime shows and then were like "oh look, they're praying.")

    I hate the way people kiss in Egyptian movies. "Let's smoosh our heads and lips together hard enough to draw blood."

    These were awesome!!!

  14. Angie Nader, EW I know. Everyone gets morning breath!

    JessyZ, I wonder about the food on cooking shows but I guess the crew eats well!

    NoortheNinjabi, Ugh, that sucks, I don't think I've ever noticed that. I mean I notice they play Athan when indicating they're now in a Muslim country but ya, that's weird. LOL on the Egyptian Kissing!

  15. I hate it when people who have been shot multiple times always survive. I'm pretty sure that being shot a couple times in the back, leg, chest etc would result in at least SOME deaths?

  16. LOL All my answers have been answered ... though I don't watch many movies .... Enjoyed reading the feedback :)

  17. Amalia, I know! It's like they're the Terminator.

    Ms. Unique, Yea great comments here!

  18. Those things are really annoying! I hate how predictable so many things are.
    The running up the stairs thing, yeah...(or they run down the stairs to the underground parking lot) and that door at the top (or bottom) is ALWAYS locked! GASP!! Whatever shall we do? And the hero kicks it open at the last second, and then they're on the roof! And then they jump to another roof....

    What is really annoying on the Turkish shows I've seen, there's a car accident, but the car didn't even hit anything, and it just swerved, but the driver is killed all of a sudden! Please...make it a little more realistic...there wasn't even the sound effects of an accident! I yell at the tv every time I see that. So annoying. And they weren't speeding, nothing.

  19. Gosh! I can list so many! But mine are more towards Asian movies @ dramas.

    One of the most common @ predictable storyline is ... how a couple are separated since young, 20 years later they meet up only to have someone a) terminally ill and b) the other person kills him/herself because the other half is dead.

    And there is so much crying involved! They cry for the smallest things!

  20. Melissa, Yea predictability is the worst. Hahaha I think I know what you mean about the Turkish shows.

    Hajar, lol,by Asian do you mean like Bollywood type movies? There's always a couple who want to be together but cant for some reason. But they have great dance sequences.

  21. Im one of those people that cant sit and watch a movie without being critical of the obviously messed up parts of the plot..or seeing something one way when the camera is facing it...but then seeing it the other way when the camera changes directions (like a cover on a bed is fixed in one shot...but its messed up in another shot...but we are still in the same scene)...

    My children get annoyed and shout...CANT YOU JUST WATCH THE FILM MOM!!!

    No I cant...I want to be entertained but not treated like Im stupid (what I mentioned and all those comments from others as well).

  22. Coolred, I notice that stuff but it doesn't bother me. You'd like the "goofs" section on movie pages!

  23. I ABSOLUTELY HATE when there is a really scary tense scene and INSTEAD OF RUNNING AWAY, the person (usually it's a girl) just backs away slowly or doesn't even move!!

    It drives me crazy because I know for a fact if I were in that situation I would run!

    Haha this is a cool idea for a post :)

  24. Muslim Girl, Yea, also sometimes they're running but the bad guy is at a brisk walk and still catching up! Thanks.

  25. Mona you must be so tired replying to all of this comments LOL

    Here I'll add my own comment: Ditto, with ALL the ABOVE.

    Also how if it's a chick flick, the girl will somehow ALWAYS end up with the good looking guy, I mean is that what the writers think all women love, a decent happy ending? Where's the horrible twist? (but not those stupid 'separated for 20 years' plot twists lol)

  26. Modest, really I love comments and replying to them!

    Sometimes I want a happy ending sometimes its good to have a twist. I recently saw Nights in Rodantde and I wished it was a happy ending!

  27. lol @ number 5, good point! i never noticed before but they really do always get shot there!

  28. MJ, Yep, you'll notice it more now, lol.

  29. hahahaha.. these were all good. I read through all the replies seeing if I could find my pet peeve.. and didnt see it.

    Character is talking on the phone.. serious conversation.. and in what appears to be mid convo, hangs up! No closure, no goodbye, no "see you later".. nothing, just hangs up.

    Seriously.. what the?

  30. Khadra, Good one! I notice that all the time, they just hang up. So unrealistic.


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