September 27, 2009


Why do we remember the things we remember? What makes certain memories stand out in our minds while others are gone forever?

I'm a pretty nostalgic person in general, but I have very little recollection of my early childhood. Do most people remember stuff from age 5 through say..9? I have bits and pieces. Vague images or little clips in my mind. My earliest memory is being three years old and going to see my brother when he was born. I remember wearing a red furry coat and standing on my tippy toes trying to see in the glass. I barely remember anything nearly that early. Sometimes I wonder how much of my memories I've made up. I wonder what my kids will remember.
Me, I guess I was about 4

A girl in one of my classes in college swore she had memories, in utero. Yea. I used to wish I could remember full days and re-live them in my mind but I think sometimes forgetting is a blessing. Do you think our subconscious blocks certain things out to protect us? What's your earliest memory?

is a good article about personal memories that can "help to guide your explorations of your earliest recollections".


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Asalamualaikum,Did we all have that Bob hair cut?Cute in red!I don't mind not remembering my childhood but get upset when i can't remember cute things the kids might say or do.Should i walk around recording every moment?Sigh! Umasiya

  2. UmAsiya, Lol yea I had that hair for a while. A lot of my childhood memories are actually from home videos, I think of something and think I remember it but it was actually on tape.

  3. I'm laughing at the in utero girl...because my father - Allaah yarhamuh - used to claim to remember when he was born! It was like the biggest joke between my siblings, lol! "Oh yeah, Abi, suuuuuuure (mouth twisted to the side)!"

  4. I remember things that i dont want to forget, so i replay it in my mind sometimes. And iwant to remember it because it was a fond memory

  5. Asiya, Yea I'm pretty sure that's impossible but who knows.

    Constructive Attitude. I think I do that sometimes. Also we always remember when something big happens, like in detailed order. Something to do with Trauma. Like how everyone can tell you what they were doing when 9/11 happened or when the Challenger exploded, for example.

  6. I think I can remember as far back as about five. My parents are sometimes shocked when I talk about stuff I remember. They are like mashaAllah you remember that? lol

  7. my earliest memories was when i was 3...i rember my first time going to lebanon, and where we stayed that year. i'm honestly scared of loosing my memory..
    by som is convinced he rembers being his first year of his life. he specifically rembers the film over his eyes..and the day he says his eyes really opened..loool .

  8. oh yeah..i did have that haircut as well.

  9. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Hi there honeybee :)!

    You opened a very interesting subject.I don't know,all I can say is that I really tend to forget a lot of things,but then again all of a sudden,with no apparent reason I'd remember something so random.I guess my first childhood memories are from the age of 4.
    You were one little cute a big chair :D!The queen,ah ;)?

  10. lol, had that hair cut too :) i think my earlier memories are much stronger for me than, say, what i did last wk, bc they were pretty traumatic. so i guess some will block out what others will hold on to and it's just part of our personalities.

  11. My Getaway, wow, like details? Its all very vauge for me.

    Angie Nader, ha, that's interesting,I guess it was a big deal, first time in Lebanon. Yea I don't want to forget things too.

    Jasmina, Hi there chickadee! I've had sudden memories before too, out of nowhere, its kind of cool.

    MJ! I've missed you! It was popular hair I guess. I'm sorry you had a traumatic childhood, yea I think those things stick out more for some while others file it away.

  12. Anonymous6:25 PM

    My earliest memory is my mom ironing and me sitting at her feet. Then I remember throwing up all over her feet. I thought it was not real for the longest time and then I asked her about it and she told me that it really did happen when I was 3 or so.

  13. Lostniqabi, wow, I bet you felt good that it was really true.

  14. Anonymous11:27 PM

    For some reason, I can remember so many more random things from my early childhood than one would think a teen can remember about high school. High School wasn't even overly dramatic for me, but still, weird, right? For example, "Shanrock" and I were on the phone one day and she was mentioning things I couldn't remember for the life of me. Same happened when I met up w/some girls from HS for dinner...

    YET, I remember, barely being 2 and sitting on top of the hood of our car (in the Philippines) and it being really HOT. What were my parents thinking? Maybe b/c it was traumatic, I remember? But, I also remember happy times from when I was 4 or 5 - like reciting nursery rhymes for my grandparents and my grandfather recording me on tape.

  15. bzmomma, that's amazing, I think that's so interesting, just who remembers what and why.

  16. Anonymous10:29 AM

    It's nice to know your earliest memory is of me being born :)
    -Omar Zenhom

  17. Omar, It's nice to know you read my blog.


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