September 10, 2009


at all the books/notebooks I have to cover! There's some they still didn't get in yet. like 8! It will take about 3 hours from past experiences. We still need to get other school supplies like pens/pencils, erasers and sharpeners etc. Salwa needs a new backpack and I have to get more white socks. Ramadan+Eid+School starting is expensive all one after the other.

We still have a couple more weeks of vacation but I'm trying to get them back in the sleeping earlier mode. Sigh. It will be good to have a routine again but I'm not looking forward to the HW nagging and exams and stuff. I'm not going to lie you guys. Some quiet time during the day is a definite plus. The kids (well the girls) are kinda excited to go back, for now. They've just about finished the assignments the school gave them over the summer. That was not cool, vacation should be vacation, I say.

Thankfully, Safiyah will be entering KG1 even though they had at first said she's 9 days from the cut off after she was in their pre-K class last year! We were about to change schools. What a headache, anyway back to school is soon approaching here, I bet people already started most other places. There's even been talk of delaying it more because of Swine flu, but I doubt it. I hope not.


  1. Mom of 22:43 AM

    I wonder how u managed to make this huge pile of copybooks knowing that the uncovered ones slip easier...LOL :D

    I agree this summer homework thing isn't cool at all..mine finished theirs but not before making a deal with us that if they managed to finish it in time they'll get some cool new toy from toys r us..and they had a mini foosball table "baby foot" which honestly I enjoyed it as well..I'm a kiddish mommy..I know ;)

    Happy Eid and happy new academic year..

  2. Wow look at that MOUNTAIN of notebooks! I have a notebook fetish, I love a new unwritten-in notebook. It cannot be fun covering all those, are you covering the notebooks of all the neigbourhood's kids too?

    I used to love shopping for school supplies, new stationery, new notebooks, renewed motivation.

    Hope the kids will enjoy and do well this year, glad to hear that the girls are excited about it!

  3. Mom of 2, the one's the school uses aren't glossy, and we have to use their notebooks and their notebook covers. I'd enjoy some foosball too!

    Jaz, nah, just my kids lol. I love new pencils and notebooks too but yea you're right, it's not fun covering them all.

  4. salaamz sis WOWWWW thats a huge amount of books,it reminded me of when I was in school.I dont understand my blogger dashboard never updates me when youve posted a new post gggrrrr...
    hope your well tc =D

  5. LOL ... my Pa used to do it for me ;) .... yeah they're having a debate abt the schools not opening because of Swine flu thingy ... but the Ministry confirmed that they'll open from Oct 3 ....

    Yeah we had/still have the HW thing too in Indian Schools *rolls eyes* .... definitely a vacation should b a vacation !....

  6. AWw, seeing all these notebooks reminded me of my school years. Getting new notebooks at the beginning of the school year is always so exciting!

  7. Wow! That's a lot of books!!!

  8. Skye, sometimes my dashboard does that for some blogs, it's so weird.

    Ms. Unique, yea we heard,inshaAllah it's ok.

    Hijabee, yea it's exciting. For a minute.

    Melissa, yea, Their poor backs.

  9. Nice go lady Mona....


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