September 4, 2009

Lanterns and Kettles

We saw a couple big Ramadan lanterns at the mall (we have a mall now!) last night and the kids took it as a photo op. As you can see the mall is still coming along but I got an electric kettle for tea at Spinneys.

A commenter, UmAsiya brought up it could be easier for the dinner party (no set date yet) and I thought, yea it would be easier for everyday too. It was on sale and it's nothing fancy. There were some that cost over 200LE! As long as it heats up the water, it's good. I noticed lots of people use these here, I've always just boiled water on the stove. Speaking of the stove, I gotta go clean it. It's bad. Really bad.


  1. I've used an electric kettle for years. It is much easier and one of those things that once you have it, you think, how did I ever NOT have one of these? haha. Anyway, love the pic of the kids with the fanoos. So cute.

  2. salaamz sis those lanterns look so pretty,and omg id die without a electric kettle there so much more easier hehehe

  3. Umm Omar, thanks. Today I actually just put a pot on the stove because the stupid plug was loose. All the plugs in my apt are loose it's annoying. I hope I can fix it without electrocuting myself.

    Skye, Yea it's faster than boiling.

  4. Anonymous9:16 PM

    hey mona, did you have your dinner party yet? and how did it go? hopefully well...inshaallah ... much dishes? :P that lantern is so big wow mashaallah and its great that they are opening a mall! im happy for you :) what kind of shops do you expect them to open? hijab stores? abayat? makeup? shoe stores? food courts? etc..
    salams- lameese

  5. Lamese, Hi, yes it was yesterday, I'm gonna post about it in a bit. It was good alhamdulillah but yes a lot of dishes! The mall is great even just to look around. Most if not all of the shops are brands like Levi's, Adidas,Aldo, 9west and Timeberland and so QUITE pricey. I looked at a shop called accessorize I guess it's a chain yea? And there was a small compact mirror that was a red heart with white polka dots it was so cute, I was like what the hell? What's it gonna be 20LE? I love it, So I ask the guy and it's 50LE! I was like ok thanks bye. Anyway it's still nice to go to window shop and they could have clearances and the food court& cinema are fun. OH yea they're opening a "faces" it's all makeup and fragrance so it will be a nice place to splurge.

  6. I love the pictures of the kids next to the HUGE Fanoos Ramadan... Nice memories Mashallah.

  7. Thanks Eman, Miss you!


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