August 4, 2009

What's Up

The kids have gotten way better at swimming. They can all now swim in the deep end! Safiyah just mastered this and Zayneb is the fastest one in their group. I'm really glad we signed them up for it this summer.We have about 2 weeks left which works cause when Ramadan starts they're doing evening lesson, so we'll just stop after the 2 weeks.

We gave our cat Filfila to a friend last week. She started getting mean for some reason. She would scratch the kids in the face out of nowhere and we took a vote and she's gone but thankfully the people who have her now don't have kids but have a few other cats so she'll be happy.

School doesn't start here till after Eid el Fitr, thankfully. Safiyah is supposed to start KG1 and last we heard she's on the waiting list, well, first one on the waiting list cause she's 9 day's short of 5 on the cut off date, but I'm not too worried, I'm pretty sure she'll be in. I'm not looking forward to all the uniform buying and covering 45,084,036 books but I am looking forward to some time to myself.

I hope we can make a trip to Cairo soon, even for a couple of days soon, we need to get our passports renewed at the consulate and I want to visit Anisa!

Other than that, it's pretty much same old, same old here.


  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    My girls are loving the pool as well. The older one, Beans, swims in the deep end @ my sister's pool w/floaties on (and alongside one of us adults). The little one, Razz, is still in a floating device, but is starting to hate it and would rather us carry her out so she can swim ;)

    There's a waiting list for KG? Beans didn't make the cutoff for Pre-K 4 this year so we're debating on whether or not to even enroll her in Pre-K 3 or do Pre-K 4 for 2 years (3 days/wk this year and 5 next year) or just not enroll her at all.

  2. bzmomma,they get such a great feeling of freedom swimming on their own!
    The waiting list is basically who will get in if someone changes schools or moves or something.

  3. thats great to hear about the swimming hun

  4. whoa i can't even remember the last time I covered books. o my... i thought they stopped that.

  5. Yea Dedra, in the US we had to cover our text books with paper to protect them because we gave them back. Here we buy the books and have to cover them with plastic to protect them cause they're paper backs like workbooks. Sucks. it takes for-EVER.

  6. Anonymous9:11 PM

    awww mashallah they can all swim

    i remmber my swimming lessons at schooll

    ahh the memoryss

    well hav fun on ur kids vacations


  7. Anonymous10:22 PM

    First of all,I'm glad that your children learned how to swim.They must be so proud of themselves :)!
    But,I'm sorry about the cat.One thing is sure,cats are unpredictable.Once they can be such darlings and all over you,and the next time they just want to lay around without being disturbed.And,they can become agressive as your cat did.Mine was very agressive at the beginning,but now it's O.K..
    I wish you to make a trip to Cairo and to meet your friend.Do you have any favorite places in Cairo that you like to visit while there :)?

  8. omg who is here from bomanville??? i was looking at your world thing and it said bomanville..that's like kind of close to where i live!!! who is it?????


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