August 2, 2009

Top Ten Ways To Make People Hate Your Blog

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These are just few things that annoy me, and a lot of bloggers, I'm sure. I think some might not know that it's obnoxious or not realize they do it. This is just my opinion, of course everyone is free to do as they please. Let me bitch a little bit about this:

  1. Word varification, It sucks. Most blogs don't need it. You are probably not getting super spammed to the point where you need a captcha. Some bloggers don't realize they even have it on because when they comment on their own blog, they don't have to write the stupid jumble of letters. Disable it, please.
  2. Reply to your comments. It sucks when people don't reply to comments. I don't think each and every comment requires an individual reply, but if someone asks a question or something, you should follow up, it's rude not to. It defeats the purpose if you don't interact after the initial post, man.
  3. Paragraphs are your friend. I can't stand when people write a looong post all in one big paragraph. It hurts my eyes. Break it up.
  4. Spell check is your best friend. We can't all spell everything right all the time. That's why there is spell check. It's a great thing. Use it. You look stupid when you write that you're definately pregnate. It's just careless.
  5. A million widgets and images make your page slow loading and will probably make people not visit.
  6. Don't get mad if someone doesn't do your tag. I like them and usually do them but not everyone wants to nor has to. Same with Awards.
  7. Ads all over the blog and pop ups suck.
  8. We went to school to learn about Grammar right? Nothing wrong with using these skills on a regular basis now that you're in the real world and I don't care that you're not being graded on it. It's dumb and only takes a few minutes to correct.
  9. Posting urls without making them clickable. People are way less likely to visit the link you've provided when you haven't made it clickable. It's easy, just hightlight the text and click on the globe/link icon in your blog post editor. Oh yea, and make sure the link works.
  10. Auto Play Music. Yea I know you're super cool and have amazing taste in music but just keep that to yourself cause it's scared the crap out of me on many occasions that I didn't realize I had the speakers up.
I know I'm not alone on most of these. What annoys you about some blogs?


  1. sis could not agree more

  2. This post was right on point!!! All your peeves are the same as mine.... lol.
    It was nice to have 5 seconds to this read this... missed your blog! <3

  3. Cracked me up! I am glad I figured out how to disable the word verification on mine.

    Not a big fan of the auto-play music either. It annoys my hubby when he's at his desk doing homework.

    I am a big fan of proper spelling and grammar too. Its the absolute worst when signs are spelled wrong in public places. I've thought of carrying a marker around for that.

  4. I have a few to add to your awesome group of my own.

    1) Blogs that don't have any photos! I actually use the photo thumbnails to see if people update in addition to my dashboard. Plus photos tell a story.

    2) Similarly, I understand you hating the music. For me it creates a theme for that post. Like I just returned from California, so why not play California Dreamin?

    3) I cannot stand posts that are ONLY verses from Qur'an. It's awesome, but I like for the verses to also tell a story.

    4) No blog layout! Why not make a blog look pretty and happy like yours Mamamona? I love ths one, but am somewhat tired of that same old pink template everyone chooses.

    5) And finally I hate when someone inexplicably leaves for 3 months and returns expecting you to also come back...

  5. Skye, thanks for commenting, welcome!

    EmpressAnisa, Hey you know it, I have a pedi today! Thanks for missin me!

    StacyAKAFatima Ha that would be the ultimate, Fixing signs with a sharpie all over town!

    Yasemin, I was gonna put the thing about no photos but I felt like it sounded like I can't read books without pictures in them! I agree they make posts more interesting and its fun finding a pic that goes with the post.

    Ange, I know how you feel about this and I think everyone hates them, I don't let them stop me cause they pop up now after you've gone to the trouble of posting a comment but it's annoying.

    Organica, Thanks!

  6. I hate the music too! Why can't people just keep their taste in music to themselves, i don't want to listen to music i don't like. Really!

  7. *lol*

    omg what an awesome list!!!

    totally agree but i may be guilty of 1 or 2 things on this list :-P


  8. Amina, Thanks for commenting.!I know, EVERYONE thinks they have good taste in music, that doesn't mean we all like the kind you do. Welcome=)

    Alia, I didn't notice. :)

  9. Thanks Mona...& oops I think I'm guilty of numbers 4 ,5 & 10...Once hubby gets the new computer I'll update my blog based on this list in sha Allah!!

  10. LOL, I totally agree with you!! :D

  11. Blogs without a pop up comment section.

  12. Nice list! Agreed ! :)

  13. LOL Mona, we must really have some type of psychic connection or something because I was thinking of doing this exact same post! The thing that bothers me is when you are consistently commenting on someones blog and they never comment or follow yours. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive or insecure, but it makes me think they think I'm a dork or not worth reading or something. :)

  14. Mom of 23:20 PM

    Hats off to #2..I totally quit reading some blogs cuz their owners obviously lack "manners" and I just can't stand rude and insensitive people the most.Okay if u don't care much about what other people r telling u or if u just want to hear "Ameen" and hate all those who disagree to what you are saying then go and buy some nice blank sheet of papers and write ur rants there,but to ignore what people are telling u and listen only to ur own voice..that's something i guess me and lots others find unacceptable.
    I know i like and "RESPECT" decent people with manners..thanks for being one Mona and thanks for making what we can call "a user's friendly blog" ;)
    and i agree people taste in music differs,if i want to listen to something i would just open my favorite playlist,you don't have to do that for me ..thanks :P

  15. Umelbanat, Thanks, heh as long as you realize it :)jk

    Hijab Chic, Thanks for commenting, welcome!

    Majda, I forgot about that! It's a pain when you have to click through to another page then go back to continue reading the blog. I just open the comments in a new tab but the pop up comments are way easier.

    Ms.Unique, thanks!

    Stephanie ha, I beat you to it. I'm in your head, don't ya know? Yea I used to get annoyed about that too but I figure if I like a blog I want to comment on it as long as the blogger interacts with me on their blog that's cool. If they don't reciprocate, especially if they don't have an interest in my type of blog, I try not to take it personally anymore.

    Mom of 2 I agree, it's rude to just write your post and not reply to any comments, I mean, it's like talking to someone and they just stare at you blankly. I hate checking back and finding no reply. That will make me stop commenting there. Thanks :)

  16. Great list! I'll try to spell check and stuff more lol. I hate word verification too. Unfortunately I get like 3000 spam messages every time I turn it off. Then I can't find anyone's comments to read or approve if I use that feature. Sigh.

    But the other stuff is totally doable. Thanks for this list!

  17. Shawna, yea I mean if you get tonnes of spam you need that feature.

    Glad people like this I was worried people would be like..."shut up Mona we can do whatever we want".

  18. I pretty much agree with all of this. I really really can't read a long post that hasn't been properly paragraphed. Sometimes I can tell the content is good but I still just can't put myself through it! Same with a blog that has too much italics or special fonts or colours.

    And I think music can be OK, but please make the music gadget easy to find because I will turn it off most times!! I might already be listening to something, or I might be in a quiet environment.

    Another thing that bugs me is too much supposing that I know what is going on. As though I have the blog history in my memory and can remember every detail of what might have happened. A small reminder or recap of a situation is always good when you're going back on the subject.

  19. "Reply to your comments. It sucks when people don't reply to comments. I don't think each and every comment requires an individual reply, but if someone asks a question or something, you should follow up, it's rude not to. It defeats the purpose if you don't interact after the initial post, man."

    can i add to this? bloggers who ONLY respond to the negative comments or people who disagree with them

  20. I've been meaning to say thanks for adding the definitions of the common words you use. I've been wondering.....

  21. Candice, I agree looong posts with no break or pics are tedious to read. Yea I agree people should provide a link to the original post they are referring to when they are continuing a story or something.

    The Mrs. Yea if you have to be a jerk to get a reply, there's a problem.

    Regina, great, I'd been meaning to do that for a while. Glad it helps.

  22. ahahah I know what you mean. It is quite annoying to just find that there is some creepy music playing and you have nooo idea where it's coming from. AGH.

    Be sure and pop by & leave a note & follow! It would really make my day! :)


  23. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Great list! I totally agree on more than one - most strongly on the music on auto play...

  24. Hey Mona, I love this post and I totally agree...I guess I better start using that spellcheck hey LOL

  25. Laila of Course, Sure, I'd love to visit your blog. Since we're on the topic of blog tips, you don't have to leave your url, your username clicks through to your blog/profile=)

    bzmomma, Thanks!

    Washi, Thanks, yea I like firefox because it has a feature that will spell check anything you type in the browser.

  26. Great post, I agree about the music it freaks me out.. but I'm guilty of not replying on my comments always

  27. I did think of one other thing--when pictures are blurry. That drives me mad. But I think it's hard for some people, too. Like, maybe they need glasses or their camera lens is dirty.

    Ha! I can't even think of something that bugs me without making excuses for whomever it may apply to. I hope that's a good sign. LOL.

  28. Thanks Jaz!

    Shawna, that is a good sign, you try to see the good in people. Yea in the beginning of my blog I had some blurry phone cam pics.

    Another one I thought of is when people always sound condescending or holier than thou, it's a turn off.

  29. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I agree very much with your list :)!Though,I've to say that what mostly bothers me are,as you said in number 5 and 7,all sorts of widgets and ads displeyed on a blog.They just confuse me most of the time :/!
    Mwah,mwah :)!

  30. I turned off the word verification thing for you. I was afraid of getting spam, but, haven't so far!

  31. Jasmina, same here, thanks!

    Melissa, heh, thanks..I'm sure others appreciate it!

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  33. Salaam sister. I know this is an older post but I was reading through your archives and happened upon it.

    SHUKRAN for showing me how to insert a link! Everytime I tried it wouldn't work. I was reading your list and you said, "blah blah blah just highlight the text and then..." so I realized how to insert a link.

    You've made me one happy blogger. :-) Cause you know, looking for assistance through the help function is just too hard. ;-)

    Ma salaama,

  34. Um Aminah, glad I could help!

  35. Um Aminah, glad I could help!

  36. I hate the music on blogs too :)

    Also, I hate it when posts are reposted as new posts like a few weeks or a month later.

    I love reading your blog :)

  37. Miss MishMish, I like your name :) I didn't know people reposted stuff, that sucks! Thanks.


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