August 18, 2009

This And That

Like my new mugs?

Safiyah is supposed to start KG1 this year. There's KG1 and KG2 here, last year she was in "BabyClass", which is like preschool, because they said she was too young for KG1.Which was fine, I didn't think she was ready anyway. Now she's 9 days short of the cut off and they said she's on the waiting list. First one on the waiting list, mind you but, on the waiting list nonetheless. I'm not too worried, I'm pretty sure she'll get in. I mean why have a waiting list at all if the first one wouldn't get in, right? Anyway we're supposed to officially find out on the 20th. School is supposed to start for KGer's on Sept 14 but after Eid for the older kids which is kinda annoying but whatever. In a couple more years they'll all be in primary or secondary and have the same schedule. (Safiyah goes later and comes home earlier than the other 3) and that will be a lot easier.

I need to dig out the decorations, that is if I have any left from last year, I forgot how much got ripped and I threw out. Either way I'll buy a few new ones and decorate this week before Ramadan starts. The Fanoos or Latern we bought last year was plastic crap and if fell apart but I put it together with the trusty glue gun last night.

Today was the last day of swimming lessons for the kids, I'm really glad we did it this summer. I suppose we should have done it earlier but alhamdulillah, it was good for them to learn to swim and meet new people.

Yesterday I spent the day rearranging/organizing Dawood's room. You see one corner is full of stuff we don't use much and storage and it needed sorting. So we moved some stuff around and it takes up less space. There was so much trash and crap behind the bed it was a nightmare and I pulled pretty much every muscle in the human body so today I can't bend over and walking is painful. At least the room is clean. The girls want to rearrange their room next. Maybe in a few days.

I'm about to go get a watermelon out of the fridge and E will cut it up, I suck at that. Nothing better than cold watermelon in the summer!


  1. oh wow I almost forgot about the decorations--bad mommy--. We have some white "christmas" lights tht I drape all over the place and some moon and stars that I cut out of cardboard and covered with gold and silver wrapping. The kids love putting up the decorations.

  2. lol @ "I mean why have a waiting list at all if the first one wouldn't get in, right?" I like how you think!

    We just devoured an entire watermelon in one day. You're right, nothin' like it.

  3. We just put up decorations a little while ago, Steph. Just some shiny stuff.

    UmmOmar, we have this yellow watermelon here, it's really good.

  4. How do you decorate for Ramadan? I would love to see pictures. Can I say that I wish you a happy and blessed month, or is there something more appropriate?

    xo xo,

  5. Dayna, Just regular party decorations and most people here have a Ramadan lantern, I'll post some pics! That's a wonderful thing to say, thank you Dayna!

  6. I love the decorations! I'm a teacher and when I go back to school next week I hope to decorate our courtyard to look more festive. I love your daughters names. I want to name my future daughter Safiya insha'allah.

  7. Amalia, thanks, it's a pretty name isn't it? Some people call her Sophia but either way it's easy to say.


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