August 14, 2009

Photos and Happenings

A few days ago we went one of the water parks here and it was great. The kid's had such a blast, it's amazing we've gone 5 years or so in Hurghada without going before. Of course it's mostly tourists but there are some local visitors too having fun.

Would you look at those slides? D & Z braved those 2 tall ones and man, do they come down fast.

It was really hard to capture a pic of the kids mid-slide but this was great fun for them. Their swimming skills came in handy too.
They were worn-out tired at the end of the day.
Dawood started soccer last week, he loves it.
Salwa lost her 2 front teeth and I think she looks so cute without them!


  1. Salams--Looks like the kids had a blast :0. You're right Salawa looks so cute without those front teeth.

  2. salaamz sis masha allah u and the kids look beautiful....And it looks like u had a great dai tc =D

  3. Asalamu Alaikum!
    You look gorgeous masha'Allah, and your kids are always so adorable masha'Allah!

    Now I want to go to a water park!

  4. Oooooo .... this reminds me of my childhood days ... gone nostalgic LOL .... U and ur kids looking very nice Masha Allah .. :)

  5. Stephanie, yea, I keep asking her to show me a smile =)

    Skye, thanks, we did!

    Modest Justice, thank you...Do it!

    Ms.Unique aw, yea good times...thanks!

  6. Anonymous5:01 PM

    awwww mashallah ur kids are gawjuss =D


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