August 1, 2009


I was tagged by UmmTravis and Ange for this and I thought it would be a good, easy way to get back in the swing of things. What don't you all know about me? That I'm willing to share that is...

Ok, ten honest things about me:

  1. I think sometimes I can be a little too honest. I hate sugar coating things but sometimes you have to.
  2. I don't like Mangos, Guavas, or Cantelope. Yes, I've tried them. No, I still don't like them.
  3. I baked pizza from scratch the other day for the first time ever. It was not bad nor great.
  4. They are supposed to open the first real mall here soon and I. Can. Not. Wait.
  5. The heat makes me procrastinate the laundry, more so than usual. (because we actually have to hang it out on the line here for you spoiled, dryer having people. No hate.)
  6. I have always had poor handwriting. I remember in 3rd grade still being on the cursive D when the rest of the class was on H. Now I can write neatly if I want to but it's a constant effort. I wish I could write beautifully effortlessly.
  7. I can't stand most Arabic, especially Egyptian music. It's nearly inescapable here and so damn whiny sounding.
  8. I was always really shy growing up and mostly didn't speak unless spoken to in school. I'm glad I got over that. Now I can introduce myself and strike up a conversation with people with ease.
  9. I know it's shallow but I got a little giddy when I hit 100 followers.
  10. I love flip flops?
This tag is harder than it seems and since I seem to be the last one in our little corner of the blogesphere to do it, I'm not tagging anyone, unless you really really want to do it.


  1. 6- You know, here in Quebec, in French school they start handwriting from grade 1 and it's not long before they make the kids write everything in handwriting (or fail them!) but in English school, we started learning how to write it in grade 3 and lots of my friends never actually caught on to using it even through out highschool and later!

    7- I can stand some of it, but it IS whiney, isn't it? I feel that way too but my husband loves it so it's half the music we play.

    10- Flip flops are great! So many styles and so easy to put on and walk out! :)

  2. #8-me, too!
    I fell in love with guava last time I was in Egypt.

  3. Nice to know all that abt U :)

  4. Candice, here the kids start learning cursive or script at 3rd grade as a part of french class. :)

    UmmOmar, that's great!

    Ms.Unique, aw thanks.

  5. LOL.... honesty is always the best policy- nothing wrong with that. That way, people aren't confused with mixed signals... they know where you stand!
    Yeah.... Arabic music DOES suck... especially all the songs with the irritating women moaning... ick.
    Flip flops are a girl's best friend- especially when you have pretty feet like us!!! (MashaAllah) ;)

  6. Oops Anisa I thought I replied to this. I'm doing what I said we shouldn't! I know you are for real and I like people that way. Yea I can live in flip flops all yr here.


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