August 15, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

So, we did it. My BFF and I hatched up the plan and went to the movies, sans kids. It's been so long since I've done that! It was really great just to go and we were the only 2 in the cinema! Anyway so the movie, it was only OK. It was an ensemble cast and I like most of the actors but a few things annoyed me about the film. First of all, Ginnifer Goodwin, who played Gigi, was lovely but her character made me cringe. I felt sorry for her while wanting to smack her at the same time. She was so pathetic, desperate and needy. I know they needed a character like that to explain the "just not into you" theory but it was sooo overdone and made women out to be so vapid and just nuts. The married man, Ben, played by Bradly Cooper was such an ass. He got what he deserved in the end. I actually liked Jennifer Connelly's character, Janine, even if they made her seem a bit psycho, she was real and she cracked me up. I couldn't stomach Justin Long's Alex as a leading man as he seems like a boy to me. The story line with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston's characters, Neil and....Beth, that's it, Beth, was cute but they had no chemistry. The Realtor guy, I just didn't like him and I don't remember his name but, blah. All I could think of while watching Scarlett Johansson was how much upkeep her hair must be. Oh yea, and it's censored in the cinema here so thankfully we were spared the intimate scenes. I guess it was a light, kind of funny film, but I wish we'd chosen Slumdog Millionaire instead. ( Yes, I do realize these movies are old!)

I haven't seen a movie on the big screen in a while and you can really see people's skin and actors don't look so glamourous anymore on film. It's the first time I could see Drew Barrymore's forehead lines and the redness in Jennifer Aniston's eyes at times. It's good though, it's real.


  1. salaamz sis thats great u caught up with ur friend,I didnt really enjoy 'he's just not that into you' it was to predictable for me.. glad u had a nice time tc =D

  2. I'm glad that films are censored over here too, it just shows that a lot of the stuff in them is unnecessary - I mean you didn't lose the essence of the film did you?
    I thought the film seemed OK, but I didn't watch the end because it wasn't that interesting!
    I like Jennifer Aniston though :)

  3. how are they censored? are bits blanked out or is the scene cut? i watched a movie today and i saw four different pairs of boobs. its not needed for the story so why put it int here. im sure we are all smart enough to follow the plot without having to see nudity

  4. Skye, yea, predictable was a given with this one.

    Jaz, yea Jen's one of those that seems like you know her.

    Ange, they cut out parts of the scene, but you get the idea of what happened.

  5. i love that movie. censorship sucks though.

  6. I loved this movie!! And I loved Gigi,she was the one I related to from my past. I thought Janine was funny too (cleaning up the mirror as soon as she smashed it) but I loved Gigi more.
    -no sex scenes? They were pretty tame anyway.
    And I loves Scarlett. She was a bit of a harlot, what can we say?


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