August 16, 2009

Decor Dreams

I love looking at pretty interior design pictures. My dream home InshaAllah, will have this cute living room. My kids will be grown, so I'll have a white couch with nice throw pillows.

Touches of pink here and there, fresh flowers, and lots of light!
Pink & blue...makes me want to change my blog layout.

I'll need a desk area with a nice view. I love the drapes and the rug.
This pic reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.

Teal/turquoise remind me of the sea, and this bedroom is so peaceful.
I just want to climb into those crisp cool sheets!

My bathroom will be spa-like and modern.
Check out this unique sink.

Sigh....A girl can dream. What does your dream home look like? Make a post about it!


  1. LOVE IT,especially the bedroom!!

  2. One of the reasons why I'm earning my own money ... saving up a pile to get my own pad!!! LoL~

    Sleek bathroom! I can picture myself in there for days! :P

  3. Such a comfy looking couch!

  4. That looks soo pretty you have inspired me to drool over interior design pictures (and I already do that enough)!

    I really can't wait until I have my own house to decorate, and I guess it's the same for most people that it is really hard! One rents, so they don't decorate their temporary rented space, but they can't buy because all their money goes towards renting.

    LOVE the bed and the bathroom!

  5. Very nice...but in my are NEVER grown up enough to have a white anything. lol

  6. Nice designs! Makes me want to do a post about this same subject. Been meaning to do something similar for a bit. :p I love looking at beautiful rooms.

  7. Wooo Weeeeeee sooooooo beautiful ... exactly the way I want my dream house to beeeeee :D ... I needed something like this to do ... Insha Allah will put up mine soooooon ... thanks for starting it :)

  8. that does look like her bathroom. MISS YOU GIRL!

  9. Inspired, yea it looks so comfy.

    Hajar,Good for you, that's a great goal.

    Majda, yea....gotta have scotchguard though!

    Jaz, Yea, I often put interior design pics as my comp wallpaper, it' just soothing to the eye on the screen if it's not so in my apt!

    Coolred, not even when they're grown up enough to LEAVE? ;)

    Candice, let's make it a tag! Everyone post theirs.

    Ms. Unique, please do!

    Naseem, you mean the desk area? I miss you too..when do you go online??

  10. mona i love that bathroom! i always tell my husband once our kids are grown i am docorating in WHITE. i just love how it looks so crisp and clean and you can add little splashes of color here and there :)

  11. Wow, that's beautiful!! I love the bedroom, those colors are just perfect!

  12. Melissa, yea, they are.

  13. I love the turquoise bedroom, it's so beautiful!

  14. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Hey sis...where is that comforter from? It's great.

  15. Hey, I wish I rememebered! It's just a fantasy for me living here so I didn't note where it was from. Sorry, I hope you find it.


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