July 5, 2009


I don't know why I don't feel very bloggy lately. It might be the post vacation lazies or just nothing to talk about.

We started swimming lessons again today, it was a lot of review but the kids love it alhamdulillah. I seem to have acquired the hijabi-tan which is a mask of tan on my face and my hands and feet are tan. Quite attractive, I promise you.

We got this nifty bug zapper tennis racket at Carrefour and it's just brilliant. The kids look for flies to zap and it's easy to get them mid-air. Comes in handy as flies and mosquitoes are a very common annoyance here.

They're supposed to be opening a big mall here and it's taking for-everrrrrr. They were supposed to open in January. Still not open. Everyone here is waiting for the grand opening. We're exited cause there's no indoor mall here and it's going to have a cinema and kids park AND a SPINNEY'S! Which is like a super store and we have zero. So now they're saying by Ramadan it'll be open but I'm not holding my breath.

What a random post. Till next time :)


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Hi Mona :)!
    I'm glad you and your family came safely back from your vacation.The first days after a vacation are always a little bit lazy and one needs to get back in the rythm.You'll be fine :)!
    The pictures from your vacation are all very nice.I love how tanned your children are.That means they really enjoyed the outdoors.And,I really love the way you are dressed in that picture at the pool.So elegent and so lady-like.Such a nice Muslimah!
    Kiss,kiss :)!

  2. All the ladies seem to be talking about swimwear these days. What kind of swimsuit do you use and where did you get it?

  3. Jasmina, could you be any sweeter? Thanks, yea I'm getting back in the rhythm.

    Stacy, well the swim lessons are for the kids but if you mean in general I've always gone in the sea lately in a light weight abaya and shayla and don't care and prefer that really but recently at the resort they had a no "clothing" rule at the pool meaning clothes had to be a swimsuit material so I got one of those hijabi swimsuits but I'm not that happy with it. I only took of my abaya just before going in the water and someone brought me a towel as I got out so it was strictly for in the water. I'd prefer a long loose tunic and pants to the stretchy material but you live and learn. Oh yea I got it there in Alex.


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