July 12, 2009


That's how to relax.
Cats like to sit in the weirdest places.
They also love plastic bags. (Don't worry I don't leave them lying around or let her play with them unattended)

She's hilarious. Seriously, I've never had or seen a cat that was so vocal. She greets you with a sort of rolling meow like sound when you come in the room and meows a lot without really wanting something. Its just like a "hey". I love it!

She's notorious for stealing all the q-tips and we have to hide them. Her new favorite sleeping spot is above the fridge, I think she likes the cool air escaping from the top of the freezer...or wait no, it's warm on top. Anyway the kids have to take turns playing with her or else it will cause a fight. She's pretty much ruined the edges of our couches even though I clip her nails whenever I notice them getting too long. (The fact that I do indeed clip the cat's nails was extremely hilarious to my Egyptian neighbor who recoils at the sight of any animal from afar.)

She's a great cat and really sweet sometimes and playful others. We all love her, alhamdulillah.


  1. my kittens do all those things too! LOL

    they are the funniest creatures, ma shaa Allah

  2. Umm Travis, they sure are fun, alhamdulillah.

  3. lol.she's cute. What does she do with the q-tips? lool

  4. Hijabee, Ha, she just takes them and freaks out playing with them all over the place.

  5. q tips? lol!! how silly. i really love how she's got the orange on her. very beautiful cat masAllah

  6. Thanks MJ I think she's very unique too.

  7. Awsome cats indeed :)

    When you've time, drop by my blog and search 4 a post entitled "Nepeta and Felis Catus" or use this link http://bit.ly/9VQnQ

  8. Gotta love the 'relaxed' pose! :P


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