July 23, 2009

Hey, It's been a tough week. My mother in law passed away on Monday. Ina Lillah Wa Ilayhe Rajeoon. ( To Allah we belong and to him we shall return) InshaAllah she is not suffering and may Allah grant her paradise. I don't really feel like writing anything.

July 12, 2009

At The Playground

There's a nice playground at the school where the kids take swimming lessons and they love to go and I enjoy the greenery scenery.


That's how to relax.
Cats like to sit in the weirdest places.
They also love plastic bags. (Don't worry I don't leave them lying around or let her play with them unattended)

She's hilarious. Seriously, I've never had or seen a cat that was so vocal. She greets you with a sort of rolling meow like sound when you come in the room and meows a lot without really wanting something. Its just like a "hey". I love it!

She's notorious for stealing all the q-tips and we have to hide them. Her new favorite sleeping spot is above the fridge, I think she likes the cool air escaping from the top of the freezer...or wait no, it's warm on top. Anyway the kids have to take turns playing with her or else it will cause a fight. She's pretty much ruined the edges of our couches even though I clip her nails whenever I notice them getting too long. (The fact that I do indeed clip the cat's nails was extremely hilarious to my Egyptian neighbor who recoils at the sight of any animal from afar.)

She's a great cat and really sweet sometimes and playful others. We all love her, alhamdulillah.

July 11, 2009

I Love Hello Kitty But...

This? Is a bit much!

The house is adorable but I but a little overkill wouldn't you say?

You could get your kitty fill with a couple of nights at the Hello Kitty Suite at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Taiwan.

HOW cute is this breakfast?!

I love the amenities! Of course you can buy a lot of the stuff. I bet a night here is really pricey but if I'm ever in Taiwan!

July 10, 2009

The Street Is Not A Landfill

This dumpster is on our way. Why people dump stuff beside it, I have no idea!

Litter in the streets of Egypt is a common site. I mean really common, like everywhere. There are many places that could be mistaken for a landfill. It's a real problem and my top gripe about Egypt. Why can't people have enough sense or pride in their country to keep it clean? For one thing it's not clean to begin with. When there are food wrappers and bottles on the floor all around you why not just throw it on the ground? What difference is your can or wrapper going to make?

This is the lesson I'm trying to teach my kids. They know how I feel about litter and I always remind them to throw things in the bin or hold on to it till we see one or go home.

Even this guy can do it, and he doesn't even have a neck, feet or hands!

The other day, we all had something to drink on the way back from swimming and when I saw Dawood with no juice box in his hands I asked him where it was. "I drank it" he said. "Where is the box?" I asked. He motioned throwing it. I gave him a glare and we stood there till he went back about a block to find his discarded juice box. He sulked but I hope it taught them all a lesson. I mean there was a dumpster just ahead but throwing trash on the floor is so normal here that he didn't even think of it.

I explained to the kids that yes, there is trash on the floor and while we aren't going to clean up all the streets ourselves, the least we can do is not add to it. I really wish something could be done to clean up the streets here. I'd like to think things can change for Egypt but I don't see that happening with this mentality. I hope I am wrong.

July 7, 2009

Creativity Spurt

So my sister got me these amazing beautiful earrings. I love all the little baubles and beads but they hurt my ears. I got the light bulb over my head and the gears starting were turning. I thought this would make a great charm bracelet! I know my sister wouldn't mind and would even give me cool points.

The bracelet took less than an hour and I just used some needle nose pliers and old tweezers to add to this plain silver bracelet I had.

The larger leafs were a lot bigger than the rest of the charms so I made those into these simple earrings and I love them like this!

As for the other earring, I made it into this snazzy purse zipper pull! I attached it using that ball chain I knew I had saved for something.

I can't tell you how pleased I am, mashaAllah it was fun and and I'll get so much use out of them now!

July 5, 2009


I don't know why I don't feel very bloggy lately. It might be the post vacation lazies or just nothing to talk about.

We started swimming lessons again today, it was a lot of review but the kids love it alhamdulillah. I seem to have acquired the hijabi-tan which is a mask of tan on my face and my hands and feet are tan. Quite attractive, I promise you.

We got this nifty bug zapper tennis racket at Carrefour and it's just brilliant. The kids look for flies to zap and it's easy to get them mid-air. Comes in handy as flies and mosquitoes are a very common annoyance here.

They're supposed to be opening a big mall here and it's taking for-everrrrrr. They were supposed to open in January. Still not open. Everyone here is waiting for the grand opening. We're exited cause there's no indoor mall here and it's going to have a cinema and kids park AND a SPINNEY'S! Which is like a super store and we have zero. So now they're saying by Ramadan it'll be open but I'm not holding my breath.

What a random post. Till next time :)