June 11, 2009

Swimming, Dating, Shopping

So the kids have been taking swim lessons for a few days now. Let's just say it's not going...swimmingly? So far 2 out of 4 kids are scared some way or another. The older 2! To be honest we should have taught them earlier, it goes better with younger kids. InshaAllah they will love it when they lose the fear.

I went on a date with my husband last night. My mom was so kind as to stay with the kids and we went out for a nice dinner! It was delicious and really nice to have some time together.

I got new shoes! I love them so much, I can't even tell you. Ok, I'll tell you. New shoes, how do I love thee...Let me count the ways:
  1. They are so cute
  2. They make me taller
  3. They match 4 bags I have
  4. They keep a few of my longer abayas from touching the ground and most importantly
  5. They are actually comfy! I thought I couldn't wear heels but these wedges have are cushy and I can walk in them fine!
I also got 2 new hijabs, the lilac one is to match the abaya here, I carried a tiny swatch on my keychain around. The other one I just liked and it will go with lots of things. 30LE for both! That's like...6 bucks?!

Check out this shopping bag....just one letter off. ;)


  1. aww, im so happy you got to go on a worry-free date! that's awesome :) i love love love those shoes, and the hijabs are very pretty too! inshAllah swimming lessons start going better. i remember hating going bc getting out of the water was always cold, lol.

  2. 6 bucks??? 6 bucks??? *faints*

  3. i remember when my brother and i started taking swimming lessons in egypt. i loved them but my brother who used to get the shebsheb on his hands hated them. Its such a good feeling when you can go in the water and swim though so good luck to them. and i love the polka dotted hijab for some reason i am all over anything polka dotted

  4. Mom of 24:25 PM

    Ur mom seem to be an awesome lady giving u the chance to have a relaxing dinner with hubby..God bless her ;)
    I love high heels too not cuz I'm short "though I'm not very tall either"but cuz it's feminine and cuz I'm married to somehow a "GIGANTIC" guy..so whoever stands next to him looks like a dwarf..LOL...:)))
    When the coach is friendly swimming or whatever is fun,especially for hyper sensitive kids like mine..hope urs is a nice guy that helps a lot..;)

  5. It's a real nice blog man keep on updating your blog.

  6. MJ, Thanks it really was nice! Yea I love love love them too. Today was much better for swimming, alhamdulillah.

    Hajar, true story!

    Eloquence, hitting with a slipper to learn swimming!? That's horrible! I bet he resented that coach Thanks!
    Mom of 2, yea Alhamdulillah! Lol My husband is 6ft 4 and I'm 5 ft 2 so I know what you mean!

    Dating, thanks, I will.

  7. I know, wedges are so comfy, aren't they? You wouldn't think -- when my dad sees mine he gets this look on his face like he'll be paying an orthopedic surgeon's bill soon.
    Oh, silly dads:)

  8. naseem6:13 AM

    lollllll i love the bag

  9. I love the hijabs and sandals, masha'Allah, very nice. How awesome you got to spend some alone time with hubby. How long is your mother staying? Wow, you guys live in Hurghada and the kids don't like water?! hee,hee, insha'Allah, they'll get used to it with time. That pool looks so nice.

  10. Naseem, yea Ha!!

    Umm Omar, My mom is staying for a couple more weeks and we're supposed to go to Alex to meet my sister before she goes inshaAllah.

    My kids like water, the sea is very shallow for a long ways in here so they love the beach but they were scared of the deep end, even with a coach and a floaty board thingy.

  11. You have to make sure to get in those "dates" when married....or else you forget who you're married to.

    Love the hijab, looks really pretty!

  12. Sabiwabi, Yea we should do it more often, Soon the kids will be old enough to leave home alone, I think? I think that's a blog post right there. Thanks!

  13. lol at the bag. i want that coloured hijab. and yes, wedges are very comfy.


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