May 6, 2009

Yea, OK.

Here's a little insight on more of the weird things some people believe.

I mentioned to an acquaintance that we got a cat and she was like "aren't you worried, since you have girls?" (arabic of course) I was like, ummm, why? Thinking, oh great, here it comes. She said "girls who grow up with cats become infertile!" I had to try not to laugh but I was smiling and asked her says who? She just chalked it up to something she'd heard and it's just known. I just told her I didn't believe that and I was not worried. My sister and I grew up with cats and we have 7 children between us alhamdulillah. Oh yea and there are those MILLIONS of other people who also were not affected by this affliction. Oh the stuff people spread around.


  1. I think she meant toxoplasmosis, I think you just need to check with the vet that the cat doesn't have it. The problem is when women are pregnant and clean litter boxes.
    Otherwise, enjoy the cat. :-)

  2. Yea, Jess I know about toxoplasmosis, this woman was saying that girls who are around cats as children will grow up to have fertility problems. It's crap.
    Alhamdulillah the cat was checked out a week ago and she's well.

  3. Well I've heard that people with cats are more likely to be insane. :P

  4. ugh, I can't stand it when people say things like that. I was told in Egypt once that my kids must have "colored" eyes because they were born in the U.S. Yeah, it must be because I've absorbed all the color of people by looking at them after all these years.

  5. People growing up with pets are more sensitive, and have a stronger sense of responsibility, that's what I've heard :) And that they are more able to feel empathetic torwards people later on in life.

    So, good you got the cute little cat!

    PS: love your blog!

  6. I grew up with cats my entire life and Layla turned out just fine with me getting pregnant the first month we even tried. That's definitely not true.

  7. Majda, are you calling me a crazy cat lady?

    Umm Omar, omg that is sooo typical..when Zayneb was younger her hair was quite light and she's pretty pale and people said the same thing. DUH she gets it from her father's side!

    Kris, thanks! Please feel free to comment more often! I agree completely, studies have shown this!

    Stacy, yea it's ridiculous.

  8. Anonymous9:14 PM

    What :)?Ha,ha,ha!!!All I that my cat Mrs Chichi is my love and when we're around eachother it's such a fun :)!

  9. Anonymous9:17 PM

    More on a serious note...I've heared about this thing during pregnancy,but I think it is in extreme cases of ill and non clean cats.
    Oh...but here's what I heard,that the cats take your sould during the night and play with it.Again,what :D?

  10. Jasmina, you seem like such a sweet girl! Yes cat's take your soul, don't you know?? ;)

  11. You scared me for a second with that soul thing.
    But I'm still getting a cat when I have my own place :D

  12. The only stuff I get from mum is; cats = asthma. I'm terrified of those little felines ... :(

  13. Thanks for your comments everyone!

  14. That's a new one! Fertility problems because of a cat?!
    I've heard some weird things from my in laws about cats, that the baby will breathe the hair into her lungs and get cancer or have other terrible sicknesses. And then my husband's friend came for a visit from Turkey when I was pregnant and I was picking up our cat and he freaked out saying the baby will be blind!
    I don't know how and where people come up with this stuff from...

  15. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Wondering if you would like to participate in this--please:

  16. that's my dad's excuse for not buying us a cat... he's a vet! :p
    i really like your blog by the way :D

  17. Melissa, It's all just ignorance!

    Anon/Brooke, I'll check it out, thanks!

    Eloquence, Oh no! Thank you!!


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