May 6, 2009

This Afternoon

Today we had dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe. I've never been to one, it was pretty cool. The ambiance is nice and the food was good. I had the beef/chicken fajitas! (And I only had a little of the sour cream and half the tortillas)

My BFF, B and I wondered if the items in the glass cases really belonged to the stars who's picture and name accompanied. B was skeptical, but I think yes, I mean, Bono must have worn 3493774 of different hats so it's likely he has many to spare. Plus I don't think they can just say it's his hat if it's not. Whatever, it's a little more pricey than our usual place and the foods not any better but it was fun.


  1. the guitars on the ceiling look so neat!

  2. Cool! Did you get a t-shirt?

  3. I like Hard Rock, yes pricey but a nice experience!

  4. I love hard rock , what did you get?

  5. MJ,yea, they're just decorative but there were some coooool real ones on the walls. Dawood's like "Who's Bob Dylan?" heh.

    UmmOmar, no we didn't.

    Mistika, yea it is!

    PerplxnTxn, DUDE I told ya, fajitas! It was delish.

  6. Oh, fajitas are so good. I can't stop staring at that food.

    *sigh* can you adopt me? purrty please?

  7. Hi Mona...
    thanks for posting about the hard rock...I really wanted to visit but b/c of the name I always asuumed that I wouldn't be very comfortable visiting .don't laugh but I always assumed it had people dancing it's a night club...:0
    & I do love fajitas & mexican food in sha Allah I will be heading there next time..

  8. Maryam, yes I LOVE fajita's, the other restaurant we love has beef/chicken/shrimp like it should be!

    UmElBanat, Well this was my first time and it was not very busy but it seemed family oriented with the kid's meals/menu and it was nice.


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