May 4, 2009

New Edition to Our Family!

Don't worry, I'm not pregnant!

We have a kitty!! She is so sweet and cute and we just got her today. A friend of E's had to give one away and we couldn't refuse! I'm not sure how old she is but she has to be older than a month or 2 I think? She's an interesting mix, her father was a gray Persian and her mom a ginger cat so she's gray with some light orange here and there.

We had a vote on her name. I thought of Shadow and Dawood wanted Ashley, E said Filfila which is Arabic and it comes from the word for pepper. The girls sided with dad and Filfila she is. It's growing on me. She's really mellow but plays sometimes.

Presenting, Filfila:


  1. Aww, she's so cute! And has a cute name to match. Yeah, I think she's older than 2 months, maybe 3? Kittens are so sweet...

  2. Oh she is so cute!!!

  3. Tracey10:23 PM

    Your new kitty is sooooo cute! :) Have fun with her!

    I think you would call her color 'dilute calico'!

    You can use weight as a rough age estimate:
    1lb per month for the first few months while they're growing.
    An 8-9 week old kitten would be ~2lbs :)

  4. wow, masAllah how beautiful!! i love the orange in the grey, how neat is that? you make me want kitties!! <3

  5. Salaam Alaikum,

    Masha Allah, what a gorgeous cat! Ooh I love cats sooo much.

    Even when I was pregnant, I was a tad worried that I wouldn't love snuggling up to my baby as much as I loved the snuggling up to my cats, Thankfully I like baby snuggles even better, but we're still going to get a cat one day, insha Allah.

  6. I'm not much of a pet person, but I admit, she's a beauty! And I LOVE the name!

  7. Melissa, yea isn't she?

    Mistika, I know!

    Tracy, thanks for the info, that's good to know.

    MJ..kitties make life better.

    Safiya, Alaikum alsalam, Yea alhamdulilah I have enough babies so the cat is a good cuddler and a lot less work!

    UmmOmar, thanks, She is mashaAllah.

    Inspired..I like it alot now to.

  8. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Awwwww, look!! shes smiling in the last picture!!! (: mashaAllah , may allah protect her. Too Cute! Plus she has very big pretty eyes.
    -- Hafsa

  9. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Hello to Filfila :)!I wish you to enjoy your time sure will :)...
    You know Mona,in two months I'll receive a small cat and give it as a present to one of our family friends.I know it'll be a great surprise for her.The lady needs some good company ;)!

  10. ROSHAN10:23 PM


  11. Anon/Hafsa, thanks!

    Jasmina, I will, thank you... That's so sweet.

    Roshan, heehee! thanks.

  12. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. so cute! I love cats!

  14. SOOOO CUTE! Mashallah! I looove cats and this one is adorable! I love how you tagged this "yay" haha.

  15. oh she's beautiful! That's funny because my husband and I have talked about getting a kitten and were thinking Filfil is a cute name for a grey speckled cat :)


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