April 22, 2009

It Never Ends

BLAH. I'm so tired of how quickly this place gets dirty over and over and over on a never ending cycle. The floor, oh the floor. It never stays clean.I like the living room to at least be neat. I'll straighten up, but it never lasts. Newspapers, toys, pieces of paper, always everywhere. I seem to be the only one who can see this stuff because no one bothers to pick any of it up. No matter what we have, both sinks get filled up with dishes every day. There is so much dust here, dusting is futile. Don't even get me started on the bathroom. I put a Post-it that said FLUSH! above the toilet because most people around here don't seem to know about that function. The Post-it has mysteriously disappeared. I just wish the thankless jobs I have to do to clean up around here were appreciated enough that it wouldn't get ruined again so carelessly.

I've thought of having someone come in and do the big jobs every once in a while but I always feel like having someone else do it almost more of a hassle than it's worth. I mean, I'm not a control freak or anything but I also am not used to having a stranger doing my shiz.

My kids do have to clean their rooms and they help set and clear the table,but honestly they don't have time for much else. They do help out when asked, but I wish everyone would just automatically clean up after themselves and try not to make my job harder than it already is. Most of the time, it's someone makes crumbs on the table and I'm like, screw it, I'm going to have to clean it later anyway. /rant

The only solution is a cleaning fairy. A cleaning fairy will swoop in any room you're not in and *ting* magically all is tidy and fresh! Aaah. A girl can dream.


  1. Mona, you spoke my mind. Even with older children than yours I have the same problem around my house. I'd love to share ideas with you on how we can change that and get those kiddos more involved and do what they need to do without too much talking from us the moms. I'll share any successful strategies that I come across and you do that same.
    Good luck for both us :)

  2. If that cleaning fairy stops by your place, direct her on over to mine, please! It's funny. I just sat down at the computer totally exhausted from cleaning all day and frustrated at the same stuff you're ranting about. So, thanks! It's good to be reminded at least I'm not alone!

  3. i hate when i spend ALL DAY cleaning and husband comes home and throws his shit everywhere and then the house is ruined within 2 minutes. and dont even get me started on the flushing.. is it so damn hard?

  4. mumzy still does the cleaning mostly at my house :D

  5. Can you please send her my way!

  6. Glad to know I'm not alone, you guys.

    I'll take any advice you can give me.

    Naseem. Thank her everyday!

    Mistika, Once I find one, I sure will!

  7. give Flylady from flylady.net a try. she's a kind soul that sends out daily emails (for free!) on what to clean for the day, helps us start cleaning routines for 15 mins a day and declutter :D And that includes a mini-daily-job for the kids too :) I used to be incredibly messy but its a lot more under control now :D I still have one room left to declutter :P

  8. This coming from a 21 year old male who just recently moved out from his parents' house, lemme tell you that we really don't appreciate what you mothers do until you aren't there!

    So, from my generation: THANKS!

  9. i know how you feel. right now im trying a new method... dont cook or clean so they have to either clean themselves or leave and take their messes with them. lol

  10. I order a housemaker fairy and asimo robot...or... I will clon myself...lol...

  11. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Hey mona,
    i suggest this blog: http://mommysecrets.blogspot.com/
    its really cool for mamas that have children :)
    enjoy , hope its good.

  12. MIND READER! I was just thinking the same thing today... I was out the whole day 6:30 am to almost 3pm for my daughter's competition in the hot sun only to come back home to more housework! I was like, people c'mon, you really think??? If you were out all day in the hot sun would you want to come home to all of this??? PULEEZZ. The older kids are usually good about bringing the laundry down but never take it back up and then we have laundry load traffic, you know what that is moms... Ugh...God bless us with enough energy, patience, and a sense of humor to do all we do and raise our children to be responsible. Thanks for the post. I'm gonna have to get out my sticker charts again...hee hee. sigh

  13. Ashes, You know, I tried her years ago...I think I'll try again. Thanks.

    Abid, I have suspected this..Thanks.

    MJ, good method...would never fly here though!

    Scarlet....lol order me one too...Ever see the move Multiplicity?

    Tamara, Thanks for the link!

    Eman, Thanks, I want to start the sticker chart thing again too...It'll be good in the summer. (PS..I watched...It was good!!)

  14. SIs I cant say I can relate bc I do not have a family but I know what you mean about cleaning up.Im obsessive compulsive about my house being spic and span. I was raised that way so from a little girl I knew how to stay neat and tidy.lol. But I have to be in a neat and organized environment. Mona you have me nervous about typos in my comment! LOL

  15. OMG! U just spoke my mind too! Well in addition to sinks being filled up and dirt everywhere, i hate it when my husband leaves his socks in the shoe rack and used tissue papers everywhere like if he used it while in the couch, he will leave it there.. and when he takes off his trousers, it stays down the floor like how a snake changes its skin! How hard is it to pick them up and put them in the laundry bag... and I hate it when I leave my daughter and husband in the living room while I am busy in the kitchen, he leaves our daughter to mess up the room because he is too busy watching the damn TV! ok, that was long.. sorry.. but hey, i feel for yah! =p

  16. My full time maid got booted, so it is just me now. I am trying to bring someone a couple times a week, but it is never the same work. Husband will be back in a week and I am about to have a breakdown thinking of all the things that need to get done before then! Send the cleaning fairy to Jordan too!

  17. Inspired...I'm sorry I don't mean to make you or anyone nervous about typing!! I kinda wish I was OCD in the way that Monica from Friends was that way I'd enjoy cleaning.

    Confused..Yea, how would it be if we just left everything where it landed?

    Nicole, I bet you have loads of dust there too. Don't kill yourself trying to get everything done by then but I understand wanting to get everything nice.

  18. Hahahaha, you reminded me of me when I was trying to clean around the house. My sister also put a pink post-it above the toilet that said "don't forget to flush"...it actually worked for quite a while... then the steam got it all soggy and we threw it out... recently people have started forgetting to flush again...


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