April 27, 2009


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So most Thursday nights we go out, usually to the promenade or something, a group of us, women and kids. One of the moms almost always doesn't leave enough money to cover her bill/tip and we get stuck paying the difference. I don't know if we should say something or what. I mean it's obvious that she's always either leaving just enough for what she ordered or less and never tips. It's really rude. Maybe we should just have separate bills, but she's always the first to go home all in a rush and just leaves money with someone. Awkward.


  1. Is the woman not leaving enough money because she has financial problems or because she's a pig?

    Either way, it's very rude and I can't see her behaviour stopping unless someone tells her that she needs to pay her fair share.

    I hate when people do stuff like this, it always makes me wonder what kind of headcase you have to be to be so inconsiderate.

  2. its just plain rude. i would say something... or stop inviting her

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I know people who do that ... honestly, you should just tell her to her face ... or you should try to make sure this woman gets stuck with the bill ...

  4. Angry in Oman, no, she doesn't have financial problems, Just kinda playing dumb.

    Ange, yea, I think I'll mention something about how last time we were short or something.

    Anonoman, Yea, thanks for commenting.

  5. Well if you all notice this and agree that you dont want to hurt her but want her to pay her share then you should say the bills are seperate, and they are hers and all of yours.... If she dares to ask why hers is seperate just say that you all don't have enough anymore to cover her everytime. Might make her think twice...Doesn't seem like subtle hints will get through.

  6. Salaams sis. That is a akward situtation and I am not sure how I would handle it. I cant give any advice. Sorry. I am not good in situations like this because I dont like to hurt peoples feelings but on the other hand thats not cool what she is doing either.

  7. That is awkward. I would get separate checks. I hate when that happens. It's like, um, you need to leave more than what your meal cost, there's tax and the tip too.
    It's rude to do that. You shouldn't have to pay extra, she should pay her share.

  8. Assalaam Alaikum,

    Talk about a bad time to do this to you guys. The economy is slumping worldwide, and she clearly doesn't care if you have to bail her out of things.

    I'm almost more appalled that she always has to rush home. It sounds to me like she has other priorities, and the rest of you are more on the same level about this weekly committment.

    If she is taking away from the fun by rushing out everytime, I think it's time to invite her only to places that don't involve money or eating out.

    She's always going to try to run away, and not pay. So before you get to the restaurant, just make a plan that you will all have separate checks. That way no one is forced to do anything they don't want to do. She may even take that as a cue to stop joining you. Love you, hope it is easy for you inshallah.

  9. Oh I think she is taking advantage of the situation..rude and cheap, if she does not have any money then she should not even be going or maybe telling one of you guys.

  10. Yes, of course you should say something. There is no need for her to take advantage. Even if she is having money problems this is the rude way to handle it; she could take someone aside and talk to them about it rather than assuming.

    I think next time you all go out, grab the bill and announce "OK I'm just gonna make this easy. You owe this much including tip, and you owe this much..." that way she hears what she owes but isn't singled out and embarrassed.

    What do you think?

  11. Thank you all for your advice...I think the best way to handle it is what Dayna said. Good idea without being confrontational. Thanks again.

  12. Salaam Alaikum,

    I love, love, love the picture you included.

    I also agree with what Dayna said.

    Finally, you've been included in my Celebrating Muslim Motherhood Carnival!

  13. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Salam, I'd would mention it to her, at least next time it will be embrassing for her to up and leave again when you've sussed her!

    Love your blog! I'll be visiting Egypt this July (Sham) and your blog is giving an insight to life in Egypt.

    Nura. North London

  14. Safiya, Isn't it great? Wonder Woman don't take no crap from no one! Thanks for including my post on your blog!

    Anon/Nura..Great...Did you mean Sharm? I've never been but I hear it's beautiful.

  15. I made it too! It was pretty amazing! I substituted beef strips for the pork.

  16. Abid, I guess you meant this for the Pancit post, but it sounds like it would be good with beef!

  17. You have to leave a tip? o.O


  18. lol @ maryam. I totally see your dilemma. We're raised to be polite and non-confrontational and yet we constantly run into others who use us as doormats. If it were a one time thing, I would let it go but if it's an on going problem such as this, then definitely speak up, politely of course, and tell everyone how much they owe. But i've noticed that such people usually find a way around it for the future. Let us know how it turns out.

  19. Sabrina, Lately she's been not ordering from the cafe we're sitting at at all and getting stuff from near by places so it's not a problem but thanks for your advice.


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