March 20, 2009

What's --------- In Arabic?

These three's smiles are so silly here. That's when you know you take a lot of pictures. They start to go crazy...Safiyah's got that crazy look in her eye.

Last night we went out to our usual cafe with some friends. The weather was really nice and the kids had fun and ran around and played with friends from school who were also there coincidentally . Safiyah kept bringing over school mates to introduce, sometimes with their moms. It was nice. There was a book shop there and I picked up this book. It was kind of on the pricy side but I never find books in English here and this one is perfect for the younger 2.

It's your basic First Picture Dictionary with English and Arabic. Salwa and Safiyah looked through a lot of it today. I like how they've included lots of animals and concepts in the 1000 words. In the back there are a few word and alphabet games. All in all a good purchase, I say.

It reminds me of MY first "My First Picture Dictionary" and I even learned some Arabic words I didn't know. The kids slept like logs alhamdulillah after playing all evening. All the moms were talking about what to get the teachers for Mother's Day (it's tomorrow here). This kind of annoys me. Why are the teachers encroaching on Mother's Day? Can't they have Teacher Appreciation like we did and leave the Mom's holiday to the Moms? It's weird, right? Another random cultural trivia tidbit.


  1. i got a kid's fact abook like this once. it had all these different topics. one page was about aliens and it had a picture of the fake roswell alien autopsy. i had a nervous break down lol. i was a wreck for a week.

  2. Anonymous3:51 AM

    if you want to get english books and cant find them in hurghada,if you ever visit cairo there's a place called el diwan a huge book store they have tons of books engluish arabic and rench you'll love it :

  3. Thanks Anon! I'll have to ask about that if I go to Cairo.


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