March 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • I hate when I can hear someone drinking,o r when people constantly tap their foot or pen or whatever. Stop it!
  • It bugs when people say "I could care less" It makes no sense...It's I couldn't care less.
  • I like when people have a chin dimple or cleft. Except when it's full and looks like a butt.
  • Fried eggs w/ cheese is good.
  • I think spring's started here.
  • My Limewire won't connect anymore and I've tried the firewall and allow stuff, anyone have a clue?
  • It seems like the neighbor's baby is always crying it's head off.
  • Salwa has her first loose tooth and complains about it exactly 3,309 times a day.
  • The kids have no school tomorrow for Mawlid El Nabi. (The Prophet's(pbuh) birthday) we don't celebrate it but no 5 am wake up is nice.


  1. i HATE when i can hear people chew or slurp. it drives me insane!!!!

    i want to punch them in the face.
    or when they snort their runny nose back into their head like a caveman instead of using a tissue like civilised people.

  2. COMPLETELY agree with the 2nd one!!!!!!

  3. mmmm, cheesy eggs!!

  4. PS my sis has the same issue with limewire, and has forced me into downloading it just to send her songs lol!

  5. I agree with the cheesy eggs.

    and wtf why am I not subscribed to you? :|

  6. Point 8th : do you really count her complains for a day? My eldest daughter too...and made me so dizzy to heard that for a few days.
    point 9th : no 5 am wake, what time are you praying (shalat subuh)?

  7. Ange, yea the chewing and slurping, but even if the swallowing of water is audible...ick.

    MyHijab...yes, I'm a stickler for correct usage of phrases and such.

    MJ, lol, Limewire just does not like us.

    Majda, bout time I saw a comment from the M to the AJ.

    Scarletadyant, I don't really count them, it was a joke. The fajr right now is just before 5. Waking up to pray and go back to bed is better than waking up, dealing with cranky kids for 2 hours then maybe fall back asleep.

  8. Nice random thought's :)

  9. Lizzie lost her first tooth last week. She talked about it being loose non stop, and then she talked about her tooth being out non stop (and Im all grossed out by loose teeth).

    So the tooth fairy came, it's over with, but the next one is wobbly now.

    Please help!! LOL!

  10. Khadra, it seems like my older 2's teeth came and went without any fuss, but it could be momnesia.


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