March 24, 2009

Latey McLatersons

Not cute.
I am a punctual person. I hate when people are late. HATE.

When I have somewhere to go I figure out how long it will take me to get ready and get there and plan accordingly. It's not a big deal when it's just one time or occasionally but when people are chronically late, they are showing a lack of respect for my time. Why should I sit around waiting on you? My time is just as valuable as yours.

Arabs, in general are late. You'll invite someone over at 5 and they won't show up or call or anything for at least an hour. No apologies or anything. We call it AST. Arab Standard Time. I'll never understand it. Why can't people just say, "I'll be there at 6 or 7" ? It's maddening because I'll have food ready to eat at 5 o'clock and the place is clean and ready by that time cause you know, they just might show up. Of course food gets cold and you end up sitting around waiting for their highness to arrive.

Why can't they think of others and realize that I have a life too? It's irresponsible and kind of arrogant. Also, if you're running late, call! It makes a big difference to know what's up and when to expect someone instead of just waiting around like an idiot.


  1. I like the 'AST'! This is also something I don't like when people are not punctual. Switzerland is an over-punctual country, people apologize when they are 15 mins late. When in Egypt I got used to the delays although I don't like them. What to do??

  2. lol. i can't say anything cause i'm always late

  3. AST could also apply to (South) Asian Standard Time - i swear it drives me nuts!

    ...umm i apologise if im 5mins late! but then im from england, we apologise for anything and everything..even when its not our fault! e.g. someone bumps into u and somehow u end up saying sorry as well :D

  4. I have the opposite problem. :) My Arab neighbor will invite me over for coffee...she'll say, it starts at noon so I'm there, right on the dot...but we sit there for another hour (or TWO hours!) waiting for the *rest* of the company to show up. And usually by the time they finally show up, I have to leave, because, HELLO. I HAVE A LIFE. Drives me crazy.

  5. Anonymous10:36 PM

    ugghhhh late people piss me of 2

  6. assalamualaikum,

    delurking myself here. lol@ ast ! we have the equivalent called DST ( desi standard time) Usually with such guests, i always give them an hour early or two hours depending on how bad they are. :P

  7. Salaam sis. I am very punctual also and I cannot understand why people are so late???!! For one its just rude! But also, its like, isnt my time valuable, waste your own time!

  8. oh, yes, this is such a problem in our cultures. It's gotten to a point where we expect every event to start late, so people don't show up on time. Admittedly, I am late sometimes, not an hour or two, but 5 minutes. Not that that's any better. I'm working on it and trying to undo the desensitization I've developed to it over the years. It IS a complete abuse of time, which is so unislamic. May Allah help us.

  9. You are so right. Latin people are the same way.

  10. Im a punctual person, as well, Mona. THe AST hasnt gotten SO bad that Pakistanis began adopting it, too. I just don't know what is is and where the hell it came from but someone needs to put a stop to this madness. I propose we take a stand against this injustice!!!

  11. I've heard of Arabs here in Canada showing up to gatherings four hours late! But then I'm so concerned about being late that I'm usually quite early. I feel like being late is very disrespectful, and a waste of time.

  12. lol... yeah, this reminds me of our recent conversation (the LOVELY housecleaner- UGH!)

    Okay, you know I understand "life" can get in the way and you run late but ALWAYS? And how come you can't call??? At least SOME show up late... others have you waiting and don't come at all with no call- just plain weird and rude.

  13. Ooh Mona, this drives me nuts!! And if you ask my staff they'll tell you how anal I get when they're half a second late :-D
    Unfortunately I can't choose my family; I have cousins that have turned up for functions a day late!

  14. Noblese. Yea If I'm going to be late more than 15 mins then I call and let them know.

    Naseem,yea lol, what about work? Classes?

    lala, I'm like that. I have to stop apologizing.

    AlienBea, Oh man that stinks! Punished for being on time.

    Muneera, yea, lol it's just rude.

    Haniyya, glad you de-lurked! That's a good idea..tell people an earlier time and maybe they'll show up ON time.

    Inspired Muslimah, You're right, It's wasting time, Ameen to your duaa.

    Mistika. You guys too? It's an epidemic.

    Jannah, it's contagious as well.

    Megan, wow 4 hours late! Yea, I'd rather be early than late.

    Anisa, Yea I know, stuff happens and people get caught up or behind but when it's always that's YOUR problem not life.

    Washi, A DAY LATE?? OMG!

  15. Lol, you just described my husband, however he is Pashtun.

  16. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I am a chronically late person... I must be running on AST.

    I am sorry for everyone who have had to wait for me, and for anybody else like me. It is not like I plan to be late or want to be evil.

    I am just hopeless to calculate how long it will take me to do things and to take me from place A to B. I am always calculating too little time... and even when I try to leave in time, someone comes and ask me for something and I have to fix it before I leave.

    I am not two hours late... but usually 10 - 20 minutes. And I know... I hate waiting for people who are late myself.

    It might help if you make a point. Keep your time. Finish all the food, and say sorry... we expected you two hours ago and we have eaten.

    If you have something else to do, tell them to leave. Tell them you are sorry, but you have other plans at 7, so you have to ask them to go now. You where expecting them earlier.

    I know, Egyptians are going to think you are strange and rude... but hey, you are a foreigner and they think you are strange anyway. Do this a few times, and they will start to show up more close to the time you have given them.

    A, also in Hurghada. :)

  17. Anon A, in Hurghada, HEY!! Salam..yea some people are just perpetually late! I think if you call and say sorry, you're running late it helps alot! Are you the A in hurghada I think you are? We've spoken or no?

  18. I should become Arab. I'm usually running late. However, I try to not be late when it's going to mess up someone else's time.

  19. Designerd, I'll submit your application but I wouldn't be worried if I were you.


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