March 18, 2009

Aspirin Mask

Have you heard of the aspirin mask? Google it and you'll find tonnes of beauty sites raving about this simple do it yourself scrub/mask.

Because aspirin is a beta-hydroxy acid or BHA, a very effective type of salicylic acid known to be an amazing pore cleanser. It cleanses your skin deeply and keeps it clear. It's an amazing exfoliator that leaves your skin bright, smooth and amazingly soft. It also heals existing blemishes quickly. It's cheap. It's easy. I love it.

I break out maybe once a month but I find that this helps keeps pores clear and skin soft.

All you need is regular UN-COATED aspirin. We have these sheets of them that are really inexpensive.

I like to use it as a scrub most days. For an exfoliating scrub, place 2 aspirins in the palm of your hand and make a small pool of water over it. It will start to dissolve in a few seconds.

Open your hand a bit and let the excess water fall through your fingers and add a drop of your favorite cleanser.

Mix it up and use as you would any face wash or scrub. I like to scrub for about a minute. Then rinse with several splashes of water like your in a face wash commercial and pat dry.

To use it as a mask you should wash your face with your regular cleanser then make a mask using 5-6 aspirins. Some people add honey or yogurt instead of cleanser to moisturize. Leave it on till it dries. If you don't add something besides water to the asprin for a mask it will flake off your skin and send you into a sneezing fit.

If you try it, let me know how you like it!


  1. I love it. I had never made the connection that asprin was salicylic acid... And you know that's whats in lots of the spot zit-zappers and night lotions that I pay big bucks for!!!

    MMMM Young master, a wealth of information you are!!!MMMMM. The force is strong with you!!!


  2. *mouth gaping open*


    My face breaks out bi-monthly or when stressed and Hubby hates it soo much and this sounds cheaply awesome.

    Love the pics too because I'm a dunce and was thinking how do they powderize it lol... Oooh I'm gonna get me some aspirin next time I'm at the pharmacy!

    Umm does it burn or tingle or have any side affects? Or does it work just like normal face cleansers?
    My face scrub with "microbeads" always turns my face an abrasive red for an hour after. Hubby freaked out one day after a scrub in the shower, "Oh MY GOD! You have a huge rash all over your face!" I checked the mirror scared then laughed, "no hon it's my scrubber stuff. I'm ok."

    Thanks for this info!
    Lol indeed as Umm Layla said, the Force is strong with this one!

  3. Yea... i've seen the video at youtube once. Want to try it but never get a chance and the acne is taking over my face :(

    i'll try it tomorrow. wish me luck sister.

  4. i went to bed last ngiht with toothpaste on my face

  5. Very nice tip, will try it next time I clean my face.
    Very nice blog too ... found it by chance and I like it.

  6. Yes, the beauty secrets of most stars! Ya think they buy those expensive skin treatments? Those in the know, do just this.
    Aspirin, toothpaste, Preparation H (yup, hemmoroid treatment), witch hazel, ear wax (yessss), baby urine, our urine (you better believe it) and clean cat litter are the most inexpensive and effective treatments out there! Yeah, done my research over the years...... lol

  7. the force...Yea it's the active ingredient.

    American Muslima Writer, It does't burn or tingle but if your skin is sensitive I would try it out on a small patch first! Don't over scrub your face raw either.

    Rere..good luck. let me know how it goes.

    Ange, as have many of us.

    Noblese, thanks!

    Anisa!! I need a post detailing this asap.

  8. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Salaam sister, I heard this tip for the first time. I immediately have to try it. I hope it helps also to reduce spots...

  9. Hijabella, Good luck!

  10. I use a wonderful homemade remedy of olive oil and brown sugar that my mother taught me when I was a young, kaffir girl.

  11. No Rivo here, must remember to pick some up next time I am in Egypt and try this.

  12. Jess, they gotta have something just like it!

  13. I have GOT to do this.

    I bought a mud masque that is supposed to be from the Dead Sea. It felt like a chemical burn but boy did it make my skin look better!

  14. Designerd...lemme know how it goes. I used a dead sea mudd mask before but the weirdest was this Moroccan mud that was a powder that you add water to, my face dried in a strange position it was so weird. My nose was piggy and my eyebrows got pulled up and it was soooo hard to wash off. BUT my face was soo smooth after. I find masks are best before a shower but that's not convenient if you shower in the morning.


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