February 3, 2009

Vintage Ads vs Modern Ads and Women

Vintage advertisements are funny. And Sad. These are all real.

Above, lose weight by swallowing tape worms! Yes tape worms are your "friends for a fair form"! What people will do.

Oh yes, a "joking" ad about spousal abuse is just fine and dandy in the 50's.

The Lysol one, you have got to click to enlarge. A real gem. They had women believing they had to douche with LYSOL as not to offend they're husbands!? and to stay #@&*ing desirable.

Also, if your wife has morning sickness, give her some Mornidine®. Yes, because who cares if she's carrying your child, suffering from pregnancy side effects, and is feeling like she could puke at the sight of food. She should get off her ass and fry you some eggs!

Now while these vintage ads are pretty funny, don't think, hey we've come a long way, chauvinistic ads are a thing of the past. Far from it. The way women are degraded, stereotyped, and exploited today is just as bad. There are lots of modern ads I could post that are just plain sexist, but I wont because the women are barely dressed and in compromising positions. Some women might think it's empowering to remove their clothes and be nothing but a play thing. It's just demeaning to all of us when a woman is shown in a vulnerable situation, supposedly being provocative, depicted as a toy or eye candy to sell a product.


  1. Excellent post! It is funny though how people dont get the comparison... oh ya liberation, my butt!

    Nice header btw - love love love it! Maybe a little big, but it looooooooooooks fab ;)

  2. I love your header!

    This is a great post. There is a group of "extended family members" I keep up contact with--the girls are models or else post themselves in all sorts of sexy poses in lingerie on facebook regularly. The boys do hte same thing in a guy way. Between three of the girls, there are five kids from five different fathers.

    Now, I try not to judge because they're not Muslim, grew up with a philandering father, are now orphans and lived in an area where they are actually very successful at this point in their lives. Actually, I think of these ads, esp modern ones, and it's easy to see how they could be where they are now.

    It's sad though. Sadder than I can express. I look at their lives and what they offer their children and I just can't help feeling lost for them.

  3. Thanks you guys, I know it's on the big side but I still like it.

    Yea it is Sad. It makes me sad to think a girl feels thats all she has to offer or that her worth is equal to her sex appeal.

  4. LOVER the header... it's fabulous! Yeah, I had seen that one before with the Lysol but in this one the husband has his back turned on his wife... lol- yes, a hot water bottle full of Lysol is the way to go!
    And can you imagine the tape worm thing? I guess that's still better than what people injest today in order to stay thin....

  5. Love the header! These are too crazy! Lysol?? Eeeeewwww!

  6. oh wow, this was really interesting. thanks for sharing!

  7. Empress, Thanks! Yea sick stuff.

    Muslimahh, Thanks! Ew is right. That thing is self cleaning anyway.

    Lazeena, you're welcome!

  8. LOL OMG!!! That tape-worm one is just insane. I gotta admit I'm off to google some more about that one to see if it actually worked on people. These are all so silly :)

  9. What makes these disturbing is the things they thought was OK to do like tapeworms and lysol. But really, modern ones might not be "gross" like that but they also make a woman feel she's not good enough as is and needs to be thinner, prettier, sexier, etc. So I agree that they're not better. Anything to sell.

  10. MJ, I know, disturbing!

    Candice, Spot on, that's what I'm saying.

  11. eewww @ the tapeworms..

  12. I love looking at old ads like these! From the sexism perspective and just from the design perspective. It's interesting that the content is so offensive but the design of the ads looks better (to me) than a lot of advertising today.

    And speaking of that, today's advertising is outrageous. All the photoshopping going on, and a lot of it is just as sexist too.

  13. Good job on compiling the old ads! It's really sad though how society hasn't changed as much as it has claimed... in fact it's even worse today. A lot of women have been 'brainwashed' to think it's ok or cool to be exploited and commercialised as sex objects. I read an article about the Italian velinas in a recent Time magazine but here's a similar one I found online that clearly proves your point about women in today's society. http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,612909,00.html

  14. Thanks Shahira, Checking out that link now.

  15. Emma-Lee4:05 AM

    hi was googling for an assignment
    read your page
    had a few lols
    I especially love the one with morning sickness tablets so she can still make the breakfast.....all I can say is thank god feminism came along cause I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE COOK YOUR OWN DAMN BREAKFAST while I carry your child for nine months then have to actually give birth........makes me even more not wanting kids

  16. Emma-Lee, lol, yea those ads are a joke.

  17. Assalaam alaykum! Stumbled on your blog. LOL this is hilarious!

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