February 7, 2009

Show & Tell

I thought I'd do a little Show & Tell of a few of my favorite things around the apartment.

Here's my Fridge. Lots of stickers a couple of pictures the kids did and the "Sisters" magnet my sister gave me.

These are just a couple of frames I had that used to have some lame duck paintings in them but someone ripped them out so I put in these pictures I took from a magazine. They're small, like 3X5" so I like that they're cute and live on a small wall by my bed.

I love this vase. My brother got it for me a few years ago and it matches my bedroom furniture perfectly, just by chance.

This painting in our living room was painted by my husband's brother many years ago.

This is my shell collection. I just realized you can see dust in the bottom, oh well.

Back when I first got to Egypt and living in Alex, I was super bored and lonely so I covered this box with every flower I could find in the magazines I brought.

Aaaand this is a baby picture of me!


  1. Awww... mega sweet that last pic!

  2. Ahhh what a cutie pie!!!! :) :)

  3. You're so cute!

    I LOVE your new banner! I haven't stopped by in a while. It's very nice!

    Do you mind if I add you to the "Blogs I follow" on my main page?

    I'm still getting the hang of Blogger.

  4. Anonymous4:49 AM

    The objects we like most hold inside a story of us.
    Sooo nice to see the picture of you as a child :)!

  5. i love paintings like that, i could stare at them for hours and imagine

  6. Empress, Thanks!

    Muslimah, ok yea cutie pie is right..hahah!

    Designerd, Glad you like the banner, quite a compliment from a designerd such as yourself. Of course you can add me, you don't have to ask.

    Jasmina, it's true, I have so many objects with stories.

    Ange, yea me too. :)

  7. Salams Mona,

    I love your creativity, those boxes with flowers just make me happy. I love that baby pic of you ...too cute mashallah. I didn't know E's bro was an artist...that's cool mashallah...Makes me want to take a painting class...Remember that painter dude we used to watch on cable? Was it Bob Ross? lol, I just remember the paint strokes he did with the funky brushes...anyway, thanks for sharing your neat stuff. love eman

  8. Cock Broast??????????? Too funny!

    I worked in Bahrain as a helicopter mechanic. I really loved it there and I wish I could go back for a visit.

    I hope I didn't insult you by asking if you wanted a pen pal. Say hi to Hurgadah for me lol!

    I can't comment on my own blog. Nice, huh? So typical of my luck.

  9. Eman, Thanks I love the box too even if it's falling apart I can't throw it out. Yea E's older brother that is. I love Bob Ross. Happy little trees.

    Coffee Catholic, wow from helecopter mechanic to housewife and loving it! I hope you can come visit sometime, I like your blog and I'm not at all offended, I keep meaning to drop you an email....:)

  10. What a cool idea! Thanx for sharing :) You are so crafty Mona :) Ma shaa Allah!

  11. I love the paintings and little decorations. You're indeed a creative mind Mona :)

  12. Guess your creative flair must have rubbed into your children as well. ^^ That's a super cute photo of you. :)


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