March 3, 2009

Picky Picky

I have some picky eaters here lately and it seems like it's gone from bad to worse. Dawood is the worst offender. He hates chicken with skin and or bones. Any thing with bechamel sauce is ew to him. Zucchini especially and he hates spinach. Zayneb is the most open minded and will try anything but there are a few things she will groan about if she sees them for dinner, like couscous for example. Salwa balks at any vegetable and Safiyah still eats most foods but follows along with what her siblings say.

Don't get me wrong, I don't cater to them. I cook dinner, and that's what's what they have to eat. If they don't eat, they don't get dessert. Hungry later? Guess what? You're dinner plate is still there.

I guess a lot of kids get picky, I remember as a kid not wanting to eat any part of the chicken but the drumstick because they were "ugly". But I learned as I got older to eat what was put on my plate.

I don't expect them to be gourmands or anything but to just eat, you know, regular foods like chicken and veggies! They don't mean to but it hurts my feelings when I work on a nice dinner and it's met with moans and icky faces. More than anything I guess I just want them to be grateful. Any tips for picky kids?


  1. I dont have kids so I dont know if this would help, but if you let them do a small task in preparing the food, then they would feel more like its more "theirs"? At least this works for adults :) May Allah bless you and your family

  2. Dear God.. please bless me with kids who love beshamel.

    i have a suggestion for you...

    we use this with our cats..

    "eat it or eat air".

    if they get too picky then tell them it aint a restaurant and they eat what they are given or dont eat at all.

  3. My mother tried such tactics they don't actually work, kids are smart enough to know they are never actually starving. But, i feel like maybe you should get your kids more involved. Help them cook the meals, plan the menus, take them to grocery store.

    You can learn alot of life lessons in the suq. :) Besides, you'll teach your kids just how much work goes into such meals.

  4. Erin, Yea thanks, actually my sister told me that idea and I think it would be good. I'll try it on the weekend.

    Lol Ange. Yea I tell them this ain't no diner when they forget to put their plate in the sink.

    Perplexin Texan..nice screen name! You're right, I'll give it a try.

  5. Ack~! I was a picky eater. :P What mum did, besides getting me involved was to come up with variations of cooking the food, and making it indistinguishable. One of the things I hated were onions, no matter how small she dices it, I'll still pick it out of the plate. She solved it by blending it. Haha~ But I'm alright with me chunky onions now. :)

  6. ya, its good to TRY to please the kids so they will eat healthy but if they are too picky its a prob. also with 4 of em there is bound to be someone left out... so ya, perhaps u could alternate nights they choose what they want or helping in preparation. And in the end, if there is a variety they can pick what they like and leave the rest. I was like that with my son (as u are) because we dont want them to think they can ONLY have their fave foods :)

  7. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I agree with Erin.Anyways,I think your kids are still developing a sense of taste,but it will get better with time.

  8. Mona,

    Make your kids help you go grocery shopping and help you in the kitchen cooking. It works wonders with my toddlers. I give them the plastic bag and show them which zucchini to pick or which bunch of spinach looks fresh. Then in the kitchen I make them wash the veggies for prep, and if they are older they can even help peel and such. When they do it themselves they get excited about the food.

    For my the problem got worse, my 3 year old went from picky to food processor. She can't stop eating and she will eat almost anything these days.

  9. Kids are still developing their sense of taste and you can trick them by getting them involved in the kitchen or giving them a nice treat if they finish their plate. I know the feeling of slaving in the kitchen and having picky eaters picking at everything on their plate lol. Hopefully, they get better with age.

  10. Yup I've heard so many kids are picky ... I saw my cousins too ... but I was totally different .... I culd eat anything (except ofcourse bitter things) and any amount though in the begening I used to eat less ...

  11. Not much ideas I do get like the cookie cutters and make shapes with the food, but maybe yours are a bit older for this.

  12. Dawood and I are twins!!! O.O I HAAAATE chicken on the bone, lol. Makes me gag! I guess I was/am a pretty picky eater :)
    My grandmother used to tell me eat it or you're not moving from the table, but I was a stubborn brat and just would sit there forever. So she decided, eat that or nothing. I ate nothing. She still cooked it. Life went on, and guess what, sometimes I just had to eat it and suck it up!
    My favorite was when she told me kids in africa were dying because i wasnt eating all my food and I quipped back NO they are dying because I'm hogging it all! I think I surely got pepper in my mouth for that one >.<

  13. Oh, Mona,I feel your pain. Before I had kids, I was looking forward to the day I could prepare all kinds of meals for them. Now, they basically live on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, plain pasta, and sometimes boneless chicken breast (if I'm lucky). They used to eat molokhia, but not even that anymore. I've tried almost everything. My kids love to help in the kitchen, but they still won't eat anything.

  14. 4 kids, no one likes the same thing, 2 have sensory disorders.

    I hate meal time.

    I make food, they eat or they dont. I dont feel bad anymore, atleast they HAVE food to eat and make the choice over. Lots of kids dont have anything. That is what I tell myself now.


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