February 23, 2009

It Can Not Be Avoided

Laundry. It's a necessary evil. You and your family would like to wear clean clothes, yes? Well someone has to actually do it. That someone is me. Laundry is just one of those things that have no end in sight. With a family of six, It's rare i ever see the bottom of the hamper. That's what makes it so daunting and frustrating.

I miss the days in the US when we didn't even have a washer and we sent it to the fluff and fold. Since then I have hand washed for some time and thank God for a washer but we're never satisfied are we? There's no telling what I would do for a dryer right now. Fluffy soft fresh from the dryer clothes! Ahh! It's not really feasible right now anyway and for reasons other than the cost. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone here in Egypt having a dryer...it must be really rare and maybe just a few expats. Washers are usually in the bathroom, sometimes in the kitchen. And with how wet bathrooms here get, a dryer in there would not be a good idea. You'd have to build a special room with the right pipes and exaust vents.

I hate laundry. Let me rephrase that. I hate hanging laundry and ironing laundry.

Chucking it into the washer isn't hard , I don't even mind the folding. It's the whole hanging of each item one by one wrong side out on the line out in balcony is what is so tedious. Where did the idea that hanging clothes outside gave them a spring-time fresh scent or was in some way romantic? Not from Egypt anyway. Then you have to go and collect all the newspaper like clothing items with out dropping anything into the street. Ironing is what I really loathe. It's so BOOORRRING and repetitive and I always procrastinate it.

I'm convinced if I had a big pretty laundry room complete with a fancy shmancy washer/dryer it would be a pleasure instead of a chore. Maybe not....but, a girl can dream.


  1. Seriously? No dryer? WHAT? I HATE laundry. Like, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it. I complain when we get the laundry back from the wash and fold. And all I have to do is PUT IT AWAY! I seriously feel for you. And with all those kids?!? I can't even imagine!

  2. I'm so with you, Mona. Even with a dryer, laundry is no fun. I hate ironing, too. Still need the T.V. for that. Why do you have to hang up clothes wrong side out? I never did that in Egypt..woops.

  3. I know what you mean I have done laundry in Egypt and here and the truth I hate it everywhere specially the FOLDING I HATE FOLDING... I don't mind washing well the machine does it, I don't mind hanging it here or in Egypt or putting it in the dryer but folding no no is a nightmare. Wow I think I got carry away now you see how much I hate it.

  4. Muslimah, Count your blessings!

    UmmOmar, yea to avoid fading from the sun and avoid any possible dust or something from getting on the right side.

  5. Mistika, lol yes it's a HATE-Y subject! Folding is ok..the kids help and they put their stuff away...I'm too scared to let anyone help hanging stuff, aside from small things on the very first line.

  6. i have a little clothes line thingy on my balcony so i dont mind laundary. its very easy at my house (no kids).

  7. i laughed so much at that label.. so true..

    and that is one cute laundry!

  8. Having a nice place to do laundry would make it much more enticing :)

    I so miss having a clothes line! They aren't usually allowed here in Canada. All our millions of dryers going is such a waste of energy on a sunny day.

  9. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Hi Mona :)!

    I love the pictures of the butterfiles in your previous post ;)!How many times I thought that if I'd have children I'd buy such costumes for them.So cute!
    As much as for the loundry thing...oh that's something I find so time wasting,but you've got to do it.But,you're right if one would have one small room only for the loundry,like the one you showed us here,that would make everything much more simple and funny :).

  10. Ange, that label makes me kinda angry!

    Megan, I know that in some places in the US where they have room some line dry in the back yard, weather permitting to save energy.

    Jasmina, Yea little girls are fun that way!

  11. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I just like hanging up freshly washed laundry because it smells SO nice, but I don't like washing stuff in the first place... OR taking it off afterwards.

    The last set of washing machines is so cool, I'd wash my clothes just for the heck of it. :D

  12. I hate laundry with a passion. I hate the folding part and puting it away! And because I hate it so much, it always piles up and by the time I get to it, I have a mountain of clothes to do!Grrr!

  13. Yep, I'm with you sisters. I hate doing laundry! My 3 year old is a neat freak so if she gets one drop of anything on her cloths, she has to change into a new outfit. Imagine the expression on my face when I see my daughter change clothes 4 times a day....Grrr! But no, I went to visit my grandparents in Uzbekistan a year ago, where they didn't have a dryer, and the only thing their machine did was wash, so you had to rinse it yourself. I too hung all the clothes inside out so they won't fade, and I missed my fabric softener SO much! When I came back to US, I gave my washer and dryer a big hug :)

    I was so frustrated today with all the extra work my toddlers were creating for me, that my dh volunteered to do the laundry. Yey!! We should get our men to help us out more often.

  14. I didnt have a dryer in Japan. Most washing machines were outside or in the bathroom, and no one had a dryer.

    My washing machine was on the balcony, which is convenient for the hanging part, but I was SO happy to come back to North America and have clean and dried clothes in an hour! It felt like such a luxury!

  15. Misspecs, Lol, yea just to play with that cool mint green washer/dryer!

    Hijabee!, It's interesting how everyone has different parts that they hate about it. No one loves it all I guess.

    Sonia, Ugh I used one of those weird old washers once for a month and it was so weird, clothes would get tangled up and socks got stretched out loooong. I'd give my dryer a hug too!

    Kadra So the dryer in the balcony, was there ever any rain?

    It IS a luxury!!

  16. This might shock some people, but i LOVE doing laundry ( but i don't iron). I think it's the easiest chore around the house, cause all you have to do is chuck the clothes in the washing machine for an hour, then later put them out on he line to dry, and watch the sun ( when it's out) do its trick, otherwise just chuck them in the dryer for an hour, and voila!

  17. Laundry is quite literally the stress of my life! Probably in part because I'm lacking drawers to put the clean clothes in, so it feels like it's neverending!

  18. Haha, the label is funny.. and I hate laundry fulstop. Washing and ironing is such a waste of time.. I thank God my mom introduced us to nannies and housekeepers,who take this part of housekeeping under their wings and do a marvellous job at it, while we spend every other waking time with our loved ones....but when I'm in the mood I love to pour too much detergent that my clothes smell nicer than flowers in spring...a walkng advert for detergent.

  19. yes there was rain but the thing was all plastic and sealed up well. I didnt have a problem with it in the rain at all.

  20. I missed dryers when I was in Jordan. They also had a semi-automatic washer there, it was a big pain.


  21. I actually like doing laundry, and I don't mind doing the washing [inclusive of handwash], hanging, folding even the ironing. But I have issues in keeping the folded/ironed clothes. It's a good thing we delegate tasks, so that part usually ends up with my sister. ^^

  22. Ameena, yes, Shocking!

    Candice, yea that can be a problem, if there's not enough space.

    Stylomom, ha! Too much detergent!, does it get rinsed out properly?

    Khadra, See the Japanese are so efficient that way...put the washer right next to where you're going to hang it!

    Anisah, Lol semi automatic, it sounds like a rifle, but for those who don't know, it washes but you have to rinse.

    Hajar, Come over I have lots of the stuff you like!

  23. That was on my list of things I will not go to Jordan without: automatic washer and dryer. Alhamdulillah we got them in 220 voltage and brought them in the container. I am not into rawhide towels and hang drying fades out all the clothes. Alhamdulillah may Allah protect my machines. (Ok. I am not that materialistic and I know I am blessed to have such luxuries!)


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