February 23, 2009

In the Past Few Days...

Zayneb turned 9 a few days ago and she requested brownies. I always use this recipe and they come out great. We added a bag of m&m's and as you can see I had to place them so the m&m's were distributed evenly to avoid the "SHE GOT MORE M&M's THAN I DID!" The kids were disappointed when they disappeared into the brownies but we later found them inside, sans color.

Salwa and Zayneb bought some butterfly stuff and went crazy fluttering around the apartment.

Zayneb had to make this potato stamp for school, thankfully I had one semi soft potato hiding in the back of the basket behind the onions.

I picked up a couple of pieces of gateaux for E and I one night and man was it good.

My kids brought me these flowers! Yea I don't know why the florist put glitter on them either!.

I found this little gem for a mere 6LE and you know I love anything with my Kitteh on it.

I took these the other day when I met a friend for coffee at the promenade, I thought the cloud formations were pretty.

Safiyah got this Apu toy from Burger King today...The Simpsons movie was how long ago? It's funny though.


  1. Wow, an activity filled past few days! Masha'Allah. I learned quickly that Egyptians put glitter on *everything*, even fresh flowers! Beautiful outdoor pics, too, you're right-the clouds look beautiful.

  2. You've been busy! The girls look like they're having a blas with their butterfly stuff! And mmmm, brownies. I think I leave more "mmmmm" comments than anyone! lol!!

  3. aww yay!! happy birthday Zayneb!!! the brownies look delicious, yummy. masAllah they're so SWEET to get those flowers for you :) how cute!

  4. Yummm, Mmmmm and MashaAllah! As always, beautiful pics! The girls are little women, MashaAllah- may Allah (SWT) continue to guide and protect them all, InshaAllah (Ameen)

  5. UmmOmar, yea weird with the glitter obsession!

    Muslimahh, Try the brownies they're so easy.

    MJ Thanks. Yea Alhamdulillah.

    Empress Anisa, Ameen, thanks.

  6. I love the brownie idea is a good tip with the M'M's when the girls get bigger, I already notice it with Samia you gave to Milo and not to me.
    Your girls are so pretty!

  7. I LOVE anything Apu because that's how I thought of my husband in the beginning. Terrible, I know, but he thinks it's funny too...

  8. Mistika, yea thanks, I know they get so competitive/jealous but it's only natural.

    The Gori Wife, that's so funny!


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