February 12, 2009


My brother sent out this email today and I was in total agreement, I said, Word!!. I got one email with so called "quotes" from Hollywood celebrities about Arabs and they were obviously fabricated. I'm sick of getting emails telling me things I just know are not true and trying to bully me into forwarding them. I never do. Here's the email from my brother:
I recently learned something that is quite important that I wanted to share. We often receive emails that state different things; from Starbucks giving profits to Israel to this celebrity said this or that. I personal delete such emails right away and not because I can't be bothered to read them but because there is a great danger in forwarding such emails.

By sharia, Islamic Law, a lie is stating or expressing something that is not true intentional or UNINTENTIONALLY. So if I receive a piece of information and pass it on with out checking it's veracity, I am written as a lair by Allah. As you can see, this is very crucial.

I say this only because I did, indeed, received an email stating something like 'Starbucks sent its last months profits to Israel' so please don't buy Starbucks. I looked into this matter and found the below press release stating that this is actually false.


I'm not stating this because I'm a Starbucks fanatic or supporter. Slander is a serious matter in Islam and we should really not participate in such talk.

People say anything these days, I humbly advice myself and all of you to not take this lightly and not to forward anything that you can not prove its veracity.

There's also a page devoted to this matter HERE and they even have an Arabic language statement. And I've never even been in a Starbucks.

Please check if the emails you are forwarding are true. Coca Cola doesn't say anything but just that! There's no pork in it either. By the way, forwarding something to whatever arbitrary number of people the email claims will NEVER cause anything to "pop up on your screen" It just doesn't work that way! [/rant]


  1. Your brother is a smart guy.
    I pretty much never forward anything I get in my mailbox. Unfortunately most of the garbage I get is conservative Christian hate garbage. yuck.

  2. Forwarded mails that sniffs of deceptions or debauchery often land in my junk@spam box filters, and I never forward any of it, sending it straight to the thrash bins back to where it belongs. :)

  3. Oh, I hate the stupid forwarded emails too! Most of it is all racial or political and the majority (if not all) is false information! My mom sent one that was anti-Islamic, while me and my husband with our baby were living in Turkey. It made us sooooo mad!!! I still get mad thinking about it...

  4. A good way to check the truth of those forwarded emails is to look them up on http://www.snopes.com/

    Snopes will tell you if it is true, false or a half truth, and I don't think I have ever gotten one of those mass forwarded emails that wasn't listed there.

  5. k i dunno if i'm being stupid but doesn't starbucks still support israel by having stores in israel? like when they have stores in israel, that will help the israeli economy right? i didn't hear about this rumour about it helping israel with money or anything. i just thought we shouldn't go there because they have stores in israel.

  6. Khadra, I'll tell him you said so;) Oh no Ive seen some of that crap on some mom boards.

    Hajar, yea me too, sometimes I'll check it on snopes and reply to all that it's false w/ a link.

    Melissa, I would imagine that would make anyone so mad!

    Alajnabiya, yea snopes is my friend, nice to see you!

    Naseem, you're not being stupid. Everyone is free to boycott or not, it's their choice.

  7. As selamun aleykum!
    very nice blog there
    your kids seems veeery sweet :)
    just passing by sisters blogs
    May Allah brings you joy and blessings.

  8. Your brother's so right...I also never pass on those emails. I get a lot of those "dont-eat-that-its-not-halal" and so forwarded an email to one company once. They replied with a letter from our halal body in SA disputing that claim...so yeah no forwarded mails from Washi


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