February 14, 2009

Back to the Old Grind

The kids went back to school today and here I sit all by my self, it's kinda nice, if I dare say so. After my last one got on the bus I did a little happy dance. Honestly they were really starting to get bored towards the end of the mid-year break. 3 out of 4 kids were exited to go back and see friends and teachers. You can probably guess who wasn't as enthused. None are exited to get their mid year report cards but that's inevitable.

So it was back to the old grind again. Ironing uniforms, making lunches and doing school hair. Nagging about homework is always fun right? At least I'll get some things done without anyone in the way. I've got a sink load of dishes waiting for me and I need to straighten up and vacuum later and try to catch up on laundry as always. Are you jealous?

I have to say that I do feel a better sense of purpose when I get up early on school days and get things out of the way. The day feels longer and I get way more accomplished. Plus there's more of a routine to the day. Kids thrive on routine, I feel. Gotta go now and actually do something.


  1. Hi Mona, Oh peace and quiet has its price I guess... I Feel the same way and I agree that the routine helps. I have to admit that I was missing my kids as they left for school today. Some days I just don't like being alone...

  2. Yea its just been a while for me so its the novelty of it.

  3. Mine don't go to school but when is taking a nap i feel relax the house feels calm.

  4. Mistika, yes there's nothing like that calm feeling.

  5. kids definitely need routine. I agree! And I like routine a lot too.

    Unfortunately when my girls are in school, I still have the rowdy boys home lol! So no calm for me!


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