February 25, 2009

25 things....

Sonia of Toss Salad tagged me for this. I've been trying to avoid doing it for a while...OK 25 random things, here goes.

I'm sitting here looking at this empty blog post and my mind is blank...

Ok a couple of days later now...This is HAAARD

  1. I love animals and when I see a tiger or lion on TV I wish I could go hug them.
  2. I also want to hug Big Bird and The Bear in the Big Blue House.
  3. When watching TV I have to have the volume on a number divisible by 5.
  4. I love newly sharpened pencils and reams of paper and smelling new books.
  5. I enjoy my alone time
  6. Teen jobs I had: Sears, Old Country Buffet, Filled in at Acura several times, and measured/cut fabric at The Rag Shop
  7. I like silver jewelry more than gold (but I wouldn't say no to white gold)
  8. My favorite color is Blue
  9. I'm addicted to lip balm.
  10. I hate the sound of tape being torn off of a card board box or the feeling of biting into a popsicle stick...same feeling..ugh just typing it makes me cringe.
  11. I'm an arachniphobic
  12. I like baking better than cooking.
  13. I like to vacume. I love that sound of stuff being sucked up in there and the lines on the carpet, however short lived.
  14. I love feeling sun on my face but I try to stay out of the sun because I already have some freckles from sun damage.
  15. I can make a reaaally funny bird face and no I won't show you.
  16. I'm fascinated by Tokyo and Japan in general.
  17. I'd also love to go on an African Safari one day.
  18. I love blogging mostly for all you great people I've met through it.
  19. I like coloring, its relaxing.
  20. I have to put my money in my wallet in order and all facing the same way.
  21. I like to eat icecream when I'm at least kinda warm if not hot. In the summer I'll turn of the AC so I can enjoy it more.
  22. My sister and brother are 2 of my best friends.
  23. Small talk makes me uncomfortable.
  24. I'm kind of a night owl (see #2) but I also want to be more of an early bird.
  25. I'm so happy to be finished with this list!
I'm not tagging anyone, unless you really really want to.


  1. Yey Mona!!! That was so funny...especially the vacuuming part, LOL!

    I'm fascinated by Japan too. There is a cute little homestyle Japanese place near my house that is owned and operated my some retired Japanese folks, so cute!

    Big Bird as in the one from Sesame Street? I love Big Bird from Sesame Street-I watch it with my kids every day...sometimes makes me wonder who's enjoying it most, me or my toddlers? lol I wonder if I can get my hands on the Arabic version-maybe me and my kids can learn arabic that way...

    Yeah, I wouldn't say no white gold either ;)

    Oh pleeezee! Show us your funny bird face....pleeezeee!

  2. Old Country Buffet? My sister LOVES that place... she used to eat there like twice a week!
    We have a few thingis in coomon there: Numbers 5, 7 (but my addiction became platinum a few years back), 9,12,13,19 20 (how weird is that one? I got that from my Dad- always largest bills in the front too in descending order) and 21..... lol

  3. :O bird face??! I soooooooooooooo wanna see!!! pleaseeeeee

  4. Hi, I just followed your blog from Mistika's.. you are funny too and I like reading this blog, hence I am asking if I can add yyou to my bloglist?

  5. You can say you tagged me. I did 101 lol!

    I hate small talk too.
    and I agree with a lot of things on your list. Except, I dont think I can make a bird face.

  6. You and I sound a lot alike! Very funny, thanks for sharing..and you made it look so easy!

  7. I love animals too. ^^ Likewise, I wish I can hug them, although in real life I always chicken out.

  8. Sonia, Yes Big Bird from Sesame Street. Is there any other? aaand No I'm sorry, can't show you the face, it's too powerful.

    Anisa, I have to put it in ascending order!

    MJ....not gonna happen.

    Stylomom, Thanks yea, sure!

    Khadra, yea 101 must have taken forever!

    UmmOmar, Thanks, yea only looks easy!

  9. beautifully written.. masha'Allah


    here is...

    come and choose an award! http://o0ummhasan0o.blogspot.com/2009/02/companions-award-tag-check-in-here.html

  10. Anonymous11:19 PM

    vacuming!!!! r u seriouse


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