January 30, 2009


Good time for a mindless tag post. Tagged by Empress Anisa and Naseem

Favorite color: Royal Blue.
Favorite perfume (guys): Carolina Herera
Favorite perfume (girls): Escada Incredible Me
Favorite pj brand: Brand? Whatever comfy.
Favorite clothes brand in general: Again, no specific brand but I'll plug MyUmmah now.
Favorite person in the entire world: E
Favorite country: USA!
Favorite car: Whatever will drive good and fit us all comfortably?
Favorite sport: Eh. I guess I can stand to watch NBA
Favorite sport player: Blah.....who cares.
Favorite spot in America: NYC
Favorite animal: Tigers
Favorite movie: Amelie, Crash, The Truman Show, Gone with the Wind, too many...
Favorite singer: Ummm....Right this minute...Jeff Buckley
Favorite day in the week: Sunday
Favorite time of the day: Night time.
Favorite holiday season: Ramadan
Favorite number: yea, I don't have one.
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite chocolate: Anything Dark w/mint
Favorite cartoon: TV show or movie? Tom & Jerry is classic. As for movie, Lion King 4eva.
Favorite blogger: I can't pick just one.
Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.
Favorite Mobile Brand: Nokia
Favorite name: Layla
Favorite hobby: Blogging, blogs, Lost.
Favorite room in my house: Living room
Favorite Fruit: Peach
Favorite flower: Roses, any color.
Favorite Quran Reciter: Mohamed Jibreil
Favorite Ayah: Korsy
Favourite Hijab: Pink wrinkly kinda deal.


  1. Nice enjoyed reading your fav's ... U've been awarded pls visit my corner ... :)

  2. I like! I already did it :D

  3. award time!!!



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