January 15, 2009

Retro Housewife

I want to be one of those happy retro housewives. You know, She does it all, loves it and looks good doing it. She vacuums in heels and pearls like she's dancing with that vacuum. She's always got a hot healthy dinner on the table and dessert in the fridge.

Look at her. She looks positively psychotic. What's her secret? How do I get to be so exited about margarine? Is she High?

The truth is no one can be June Cleaver, because that woman only exists on television. Most of us are lucky to just get through the day without any disasters. I mean If I get a load of laundry done, the living room decent, the dishes washed and dinner cooked I feel pretty good about my day. It's become abundantly clear that I can't do everything every day. I'll make desserts some days. I'll even dust and polish the furniture sometimes, but to aspire to be the kind of homemaker that does these things on a daily basis is an exercise in futility. "Letting the dishes soak" over night never hurt anybody. Take out is my friend, and if I'm not a Stepford wife, that's ok with me. Because I have my sanity and that's more than I can say for Mrs. Margarine up there.


  1. Hehehe life is all about the compromises. I just want to be a happy woman/wife/mom raising a happy family. Things don't have to be perfect. And margarine sucks, just use butter sparingly. :D

  2. Hehehe, too true. :)

  3. I try my best but I can assure you there are many times in the day that I just sit in my couch turn on my trashy TV and give my back to the kitchen!!!!

  4. I wouldn't doubt if there were women like her in the villages coz I've seen them in India .... but u r right it's only on the televisions though not practical nowadays in most houses ..... she reminds me of the countrified women in the 19th century story books lol .....

  5. HA... she's definitely on ludes...

  6. "mrs margarine" LOL

    I am right there with you. A good day includes laundry done, house tidy, everyone fed and clean. the end.

  7. You know, I feel the exact same way. But this is something I'm really trying to tackle this year and I'm starting by using http://www.motivatedmoms.com/
    It is a planner that has little chores to do each day so that things are getting done, but it's not so overwhelming. I'm just getting into it so I'm still not perfect, but I can see it working and my house is looking cleaner than it has in a while, more consistently. Insha'Allah you will find some motivation. :0)

  8. Jessy, yea, I don't even think there is margarine here?

    Candice :)

    Mistika, Oh yea. I particularly like a day that I know I don't have to cook and just plan to do other things.

    Ms. Unique, Lol, not practical at all.

    Empress. HA! yea.

    Khadra, absolutely, a great day at that.

    Robyn, I'm going to check that out now. I tried the "flylady" thing and it was too much. Thanks.

  9. I would love to try one of those motivating files...but I have no time to read them with all the housework catching up :(

  10. lolll @ positively pyshcotic! i feel the same way and i dont even had children yet. i accomplished just doing laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathrooms and leaving the sweeping and vacuuming for another day.

  11. She scares me, seriously. Suppose all that housework, and keeping high in the spirits had made her permanently positively psychotic. LoL. I just take things one at a time. :)

  12. Yeah, she does look pretty crazed! I wish I could get so excited about housework, but, I'm not. Well, I think I should say, that my husband wishes I was that excited about housework.

  13. She's positively scary.

    Whatever she's on, I want some! Ha ha, just kidding!

  14. you know .. i try.. but i end up sweaty, smelly and tired after an energetic house clean.
    plus when i cook i get crap everywhere...

    these damn 50's wives...

  15. MJ, Yea the floor used to get cleaned every day but not anymore, it's pointless.

    Hajar, yes exactly. Some moms are addicts because they feel the need to do it all and be the super mom on the block.

    Melissa, lol, yea as if they would be exited about such a thing.

    Dayna, LOL!

    Ange, yea my stove has ugly foil on it cause I spill stuff and its easier to change the foil than scrub that crap off.

  16. Have you heard of the "flylady"? flylady dot net

    She tackles chaos (can't have any over syndrome)gets you to fly (finally loving yourself)

    Not June Cleaver. Funny but works.

  17. I'm not Ms. Margarine up there, although I would like some of the meds she is taking. And I'm slowly loosing my mind. I even have a maid and a nanny, which I think just further adds to the chaos in my life but I don't want to scrub my toilets anymore.

    Of course if I go crazy I think I can get some good meds and wouldn't really care that I'm coo coo.


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