January 20, 2009

Product Reviews

I previously posted that I'd review this shampoo so, here I go. I have to say it's my favorite shampoo. When you rinse it out your hair still feels soft almost like when rinsing conditioner and it leaves your hair shiny. I don't really get the "for brown hair" aspect, but it does keep your color. I love the smell and it's the best shampoo I've used in a long time. Since moving here to be honest, and I'm one of those that always tries new shampoos etc, so this is good stuff. Love it, 4 hearts. ♥♥♥♥

I got this cleanser a few weeks ago, it was marked LE15 which I thought was odd, because it's usually over LE40 so I asked and they guy said it scanned at 15, I did not argue with him. So I've been using it since then and While I like it as a cleanser, I don't think it makes a good mask.

As a cleanser it's a creamy cleanser, not foaming but it's not greasy like a lot of other cream cleansers. It rinses off and leaves your face feeling smooth not tight nor oily. I tried it as directed as a mask a few times and I don't love it. It doesn't really dry in 5 minutes not even in 10, but I don't know that it's supposed to. It says to rinse off after 5 minutes, but anyway call me a masochist, but I like clay type masks that dry on your face like stone. So great cleanser, not so great mask 3 out of 4 hearts. ♥♥♥


  1. Asalaamu `alaikum Sis!

    I just bought and tried SunSilk shampoo myself a week ago! The pink one and I gotta say it smells fantabulous and makes my hair feel nice masha'Allah!

  2. Now I want to try the new one they're advertising , the silver bottle.


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