January 8, 2009

The Cotton Candy Guy

Meet the Cotton Candy Guy. He goes around the neighborhood everyday blowing a horn selling cotton candy.

It's 5 of these for a Pound. Kid's go ape for cotton candy.


  1. Mmmm, yummy.... does it taste anything like the ones in Coney Island???
    Bring back such sweet childhood memories!

  2. I love cotton candy, makes me wanna be a kid again! They're the only ones who can get away with eating cotton candy in public lol.

  3. he must make the neighbourhood kids happy

  4. I looooooooove cotton candy! And I don't mind if I am not a kid anymore I still eat it a lot :D
    But here in Brazil is one for R$2! (that's like one for 5 Egyptian pounds :x ) still very cheap tho.

    I have been reading your blog for a while but since it's the first time I comment I want to say that I love when you post pics of your kids to illustrate the subject of the post ^^ they are lovely.

  5. The guy passed by the building in Egypt where I was with my husband and he never let me have any! Said it wasn't good and he didn't trust it somehow! WTH :P I want some!

  6. Don't eat too much! It's not good for you...

  7. aawww i love cotton candy! its been a while since i've had any!

  8. I do not recall one passing by the house in Alex, I do remember the ice cream guy and Samia would go crazy over it. But Guido would not let her eat it, because the water was dirty.
    Oh I think she would love the cotton candy!

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    LOL I LOOOOOOOVE Cotten Candy my daughter went ga ga over it the first time too lol. I gotta get my son to try it next maybe when he's 2 hehehe gotta save those young sweet teeth.

  10. OK now I want cotton candy AND have that song stuck in my head.

  11. Empress, Yea, it tastes just like any cotton candy I've had in the states, just no flavors or colors. In City Centre they have this cart that sells flavored, colored BIG ones and its reasonably priced but messy of course.

    Hijabee, Lol, I'll eat it and I don't care.

    Ange, sure does, he knows what he's doing with that horn.

    Gracianne, welcome!Yea it should be it's just sugar.

    Candice, Aw that stinks, some people don't trust anything sold on the street.

    Abid, we only get it maybe once a month on average.

    Lazeena, get yourself to the circus quick! They used to sell it in packages in the supermarket in the US but it wasn't fresh of course.

    American Muslimah Writer, wow thanks! What kid wouldn't like a mouthful of fluffy sugar.

    MJ, what song?

  12. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I love cotton candy and I still get it wherever see it.Yummmyyy :)!


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