January 12, 2009

Confessions of a Beauty Junkie

Hi, my name is Mona and I am beauty product junkie. I love looking at them, buying them, having them oh yea and using them. I love to "window shop" at Sephora and covet the various lotions and potions. I just like looking at this stuff, what is wrong with me? Back in the US I would anxiously await packages from the wonderful UPS fairy and gaze upon the beauty treats and free samples. Sometimes they'd have free gift wrapping and I'd have it wrapped just for myself! Here are some cute stuff I saw drooling there this morning. Excuse me as I wipe the keyboard.

This is something that intrigues me greatly.
"The original Lip Venom is a transparent gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation with a spicy, tingly blend of essential oils including cinnamon and ginger."
Anyone tried this?

Stella McCartney! Ever since I smelled this in a magazine I've been in love with this scent. I gave myself a paper cut on my neck rubbing the page sample on me.

How adorable are these vintage looking yummy lip balms? I love the tins and there are some great flavors. There's Tootsie Pops and Dr. Pepper too.

This reminds me of a gel blush stain that Bonne Bell used to make that I loved when I was younger, except this is for lips too. I used to stain my lips with a pink marker in Jr. high, don't worry it was non toxic! Not that that's a good idea.

I love a kit! Bliss has the best spa products and this is 6 cute little products, One could imagine they were at the Bliss spa.
After browsing pretty things all morning I decided to organize my make up and stuff on my dresser. I had these containers with compartments that were from cotton pads and q-tips and they worked really well to hold everything. I put my hijab pins in a pretty box with a foam square to hold them, on the left in the photo.

Who else loves products as much as me? What are your favorites? Post about them.


  1. Hey,
    Lip Venom, lol as long as it doesn't kill you :) Maybe you should try it and let us know!
    I love that perfume Stella McCartney! A friend got it for me and at first I didn't know what it was, never smelled it before but the box was so cute and when I smelled it, I was surprised that I never heard of it before. Love it :) Mona, your dresser is so organized, Im jaleous!

  2. what is the perfume called?

  3. HIjabee I have tried that perfume "Stella McCartney" I love it.

    Mona I am not much of a make up girl but I do love my lipstick-lipgloss if I don't wear it I feel naked it. I know it sounds funny but it is true. I love clinique, they have one that Full Potential™ Lips Plump and Shine a tingle sensation making them look fuller. I was a little hesitant on buying them but they do work. Your picture reminds me of Amira's she used to keep all of her make up organize.

  4. Hijabee, It is satisfying to organize stuff, it's always the little things with me. I organize a drawer while all the kitchen cabinets need organizing right now..One at a time I suppose.

    Naseem, Duh, I forgot to write it in the post..I'll edit it in a sec..It's Stella McCartney.

    Mistika, sounds cool. Who's Amira?

  5. Amira is my sister in law she past away last summer. Is just so hard we were very close talking everyday online for hours so you can imagine she was like the sister I never had. When we were there in Egypt this summer her room was still the same and she had all of her make up, so when I saw the picture it remind me of her. Sorry I get sentimental when I talk about her. Malish habibi!

  6. Oh Mistika I'm so sorry. Allah yerhamha.

  7. Hi Mona
    My name is Nilly and I have the same case as you. I have moved from the stated 4 months ago and live in Lebanon now. I am jordanian though.
    I LOVE makeup, and as mistika said if I don't wear lip gloss I feel naked. I love Estee Lauder and MAC but I am also open to any brand - not cheap though. I love to have my vanity organized at all times. However I don't have one here yet.
    When I read your posts I feel that you are talking about me. I hope that this will be a begining of a progressive and good friendship. Do you have facebook?
    Thanks for having this blog and looking foreward to have more conversations with you.

  8. BTW, where do you find Lip Venom in the middle east?

  9. Heheh I love smelling the products and trying them out at the stores but rarely buy because I only use lipgloss and eyeliner occasionally and got like 7 perfume bottles when I got married and I still haven't used them all up.

  10. Nilly, Hi it's nice to meet you! My standards have lowered here, and I realize that Avon is not bad, when you can't get to the department store or get say Clinique at a reasonable price anymore. Heck Give me Cover Girl any day. Yea I have a facebook, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=524281395 Also IM me if you want I'm Mom2dawood at yahoo, just make yourself known. I get random weirdos with add requests, just so I know it's you.
    Oh I don't own lip venom or any of the products above I was just looking at them at sephora and thought they were cool.

    Jessy, I was like that, I don't know what I was saving them for, the perfume's were full years after marriage then I decided, heck just spray spray spray every day!

  11. Oh wow, Mona, I love make-up and perfume and fancy soaps too. It's hard to pick favorites.

    I love Mac Lipglass and Lancome Juicy Tubes and lipgloss from Bath and Body Works. The ones from Bath and Body Works come flavored like some foods; my favorite is the Hot Cakes one that smells just like Pancakes and the chocolate mint one.

    My favorite perfumes are Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Creme Bouquet by Stila.

    I love, love, love Lush cosmetics. www.lush.com I use their moisturizer, solid shampoo bars, shower gels and soaps. They can be a bit expensive but after Christmas their sale is usually buy one soap, get TWO free. So I go a little crazy (especially since I get gift cards for Christmas) and stock up for the year. My favorite of those products is Snow Fairy (pink, glittery shower gel that smells like cotton candy), Porridge soap, Godmother soap, Snowcake soap and Honey I Washed the Kids soap. They truly smell good enough to eat.

    I have a lot of weird skin allergies and sensitivities so once I find something I like I tend to stick with it.

    I use Estee Lauder foundation and blush, Mac on my eyes and a whole bunch of things on my lips.

    Ahhh I <3 being girly.

  12. Dayna, Lipglass is pretty sticky but it lasts. My friend had it years ago and I tried it but my hair kept sticking to it. Those BBW glosses sound so yummy.

    I remember smelling Creme Bouquet once and it was really nice.
    I hear a lot of good things about Lush stuff. They sound really great.


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