January 23, 2009


Hey everyone. I've been a bit busy with home organizing/rearranging and the Lost premier. If you're a fan and/or watched the premier, please let me know your thoughts on my other blog, here.

Alhamdulillah, the all the kids finished their exams and we have 3 weeks off school. I don't know if we'll go anywhere but it's all good with me either way. I still have the kitchen to declutter/organize and a never ending stream of laundry. I'll post again soon. :)


  1. I'll be waiting for your posts. Enjoy your time with the little ones :)

  2. I'm sure the kids will be loving all that time off... have a great time in whatever you do!

  3. Have a great time & be back soon :)

  4. Thanks you guys!

  5. Enjoy the kids and hopefully you guys go somewhere...I will post about lost shortly...

  6. oh, the never ending stream of laundry, I know it well....

    making it even better in my house is the fact that a heating element in my dryer is dying so I have to run the dryer twice for every load. YAY!

  7. Salaams sis, Are you talking about the tv show lost? I used to watch it but I missed a few episodes and became to lost to continue watching LOL. I will read your post on the premier, because I am thinking of getting back into it.

  8. Thanks Mistika.

    Khadra, ack...Maybe the extra energy spent could warrant a new dryer, not that you probably didn't already think of that.

    Inspired Muslimah, yea the show, I'd recommend either reading really good recaps of what you missed or watching the episodes you missed or you'll be "lost" heh.


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