April 22, 2008

Facebook Friends

Who's on Facebook? Who's not on Facebook is probably the right question. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends. (and friends of friends!) and family members. I love the idea as long as it's in moderation. I know some people get addicted to it and spend hours a day on there and to some it's a "who has more friends" thing. I just like it to touch base with some people I haven't seen in a long time and stuff. I enjoy a few applications but I'm not crazy about too many of them. Some might shy away from joining and publicly displaying info, but you have total control over who sees your profile, info, pictures if you chose to post them. I like the simple easy to read layout too. I was turned off of MySpace because of the crazy profile pages that could give someone a seizure.

I love logging on to find a new friend request, and seeing friend's pictures or reading what they are up to. Here is my My Profile Page. I'll add you as long as I know you, meaning we've IMed or you comment on here regularly or I comment on your blog or I know you in real life, and you're a girl. Make yourselves known people!

April 19, 2008

Egypt Hate/Love

My sister sent me this link 50 things I Hate & Love about Egypt from another Egyptian Blogger, it's a good list of a lot of the good and bad things about Egypt. We made this one a year ago, (Gosh it's been that long?)

April 16, 2008

The Good Stuff

I feel like I complain a lot, so I should probably try to balance that out a bit here with some good stuff, Alhamdulillah.

  • The weather right now here is perfect. Not stiflingly hot yet, just warm with a nice breeze. Fajr time is especially great with a bit of chill.
  • My mom comes to Egypt in a couple of weeks! We all miss her a lot and she keeps me company.
  • School's out pretty soon too. No more groggy sandwich making mornings and nagging over homework for 3 1/2 months!
  • I'm looking at finishing school online and I'm actually looking forward to it. I was never very, shall we say, academically inclined? But I'm exited to learn and have something for me.
  • I'm just smitten with my new bedroom. I keep it neat, and admire it before falling asleep.
  • Firefox is so far superior than IE. I can't imagine why anyone would use Internet Explorer. If you are one of those people who browse the internet using silly old IE I encourage, nay, implore you to download Firefox. Reasons are to numerous to list. Just heed my advice. www.Firefox.com

April 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning & Bargaining

I'm knee deep in organizing and cleaning the apartment. You know how once you start you can't stop? I call it "The Cleaning Inertia". You get so much done and it's far more painless than you think it's gonna be. For example, today I switched out all our winter for summer clothes and put the winter stuff in under bed storage, cleaned the fridge (I keep stealing peeks at how great it looks!), cleaned the bathroom, all before making dinner!

I'm thinking the key is to just start. After procrastinating for many, many days, it feels amazing to cross this stuff off my To Do list. I still need to deep clean the kitchen, catch up on the never ending laundry, and wash the couch cushion covers, InshaAllah, but I'll think about that tomorrow. After all...tomorrow is another day!
Ahh, Bargaining. It's just a fact of life here in Egypt. You have have HAVE to do it. Salesmen/women here expect it and give you a higher price off the bat. I learned this the hard way after paying the quoted price and thankfully, one of my Egyptian friends set me straight. She was all "Don't say a word or take out your wallet till you bargain first!" I actually had a few people give me too much change when I just paid what they asked. I guess they felt it wasn't right to charge too much and felt bad. How great is that?

Well, now I am getting pretty good at it. You've really gotta mean business and even start to leave sometimes. You can't act too eager about anything you want to buy. Look around and browse about. Its give and take, and some might compare it to a game! If you are a foreigner, you'll get an even higher price so don't be fooled, let them know you know the item goes for a lot less. They want to make a sale and they will usually meet you at a much lower price than first quoted. Of course there are some shops that have fixed prices and usually they have a sign up saying so, but most places are up for a haggle. It's kind of a thrill, really.

April 7, 2008

I heard

That a certain reader of mine was at a wedding of a certain cousin of mine and talked to my mom, I'd love to chat...IM me!

April 2, 2008


Its been one of those days...er...weeks.
What do you do when you just need to get away?
I mean away from the kids.
Far, far away?
When they don't listen?
When you are tired of your own voice repeating itself, over, and over?
When you feel like you must be invisible?

What do you do?