December 24, 2008


I met a fellow blogger today! UmmTravis of Tea Break Thoughts is in town for a few days and we met for a while this morning! E was kind enough to stay with the three older kids and I brought Safiyah along. She was very good alhamdullilah. Umm Travis is very sweet and great to talk to. We went to Cinnabon and me not being so coffee savvy, I ordered some bitter little cup of coffee when I thought a Machiato was a taller coffe with milk...anyway, I still drank it and I'm feeling the caffine now! We talked about life here compared to North America and it was great to talk to somone who understands both sides. It was great meeting you UmmTravis!


  1. And you!!!

    Yay! Im sweet woo hoo!

    Oh... how I wish I could stay here with uuuuuuuuu!

  2. Aww how sweet mashaAllah! Isnt it nice to meet sisters who youve known via the net? Sadly I dunno the feeling =( but it must be good mashaAllah!

  3. This is so sweettt! It must be interesting to be able to put a face on a pseudo :)

  4. Aww Masha'Allah, that must be a great feeling. Insha'Allah I can experience the feeling one day. OKay who lives near VA, Washington Area? lol

  5. Oh! How sweet ....... So whoz comming for Umrah next? .... ;)

  6. That you are UmmTravis!

    Yea alhamdulillah it was a very nice experience.

  7. awww how nice for both of you :)

  8. Anonymous1:35 PM

    hey salaam, "it was great to talk to someone who understands both sides" that's so true...totally understand what you mean. and i think you got the wrong order or something cuz i've always known a machiato to be
    kinda like a but anyway that was fun when we all went to cinnabon alhamdulilah.
    love hala

  9. Thanks Khadra, it was.

    HALA!! So glad to "see" you here! Yea good times.


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