December 12, 2008


Hey, been a while since my last post, sorry. We were busy during Eid, and then I got sick-er. Again. Strep throat. I really just want to get these tonsils removed A.S.A.P. We're looking into it. Really, I just want them out. I can't take another bout with strep again. Swallowing has been so painful, I'd cry. I wanted to just swallow my tonsils away. UGH...Anyway...

Check out these pics of the set up before the Eid prayer. The womens' area's pretty much a cage. Like, those same ladies these guys saw walking to and from the prayer and on the street every day, yea, gotta keep 'em under wraps huh? Duh. Plus, check it out, yea pray right next to the big pile o' trash? Oh yea. I'm rolling my eyes really hard now but you can't see it, use your imagination.

SO, Eid was good, Alhamdulillah. First day, we went out to dinner and had coffee and walked at the promenade. My pretty shoes were hurting me so I've deemed them sitting only shoes from now on.

Here, the kids pose like they're not crazy or anything. Zayneb has silver shoes and wants everyone to know it.

Second day we went to El Gouna, it's a small town nearby, really pretty, the weather was perfect. Some pics...

We ended up having the kids party on the third day. It was good, lots of people came, and the party bags were a hit with the kiddos.

Boys. Dawood enjoys ruining pictures with silly faces. I wonder what that's about.
Girls. Mine are Zayneb&Salwa with their heads together in red and Safiyah on the left in front.

Me & my friend, I'm on the left. Various kids running amok.

It's been a good week, even with the tonsil troubles, I should put things in perspective for myself, I mean come on. I complain a lot. So, I have a tonne of blogs to catch up on, so later peeps.


  1. Anonymous5:43 AM

    MasAllah you look really gorgeous despite being so sick!! LOL that's really a feat. When I get sick I look like a zombie!! :P Looks like you all had a great time, too. InshAllah you'll feel better soon, sis!

  2. your kids are always smiling.. what do you feed them?

  3. Haha
    good picture of your trip.

    Looks like all of you had fun!

  4. May Allah cure u a.s.a.p ... Ameen.... nice to c u around after so long ..... Alhamdulillah u all enjoyed ..... :)

  5. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Glad you're feeling better =) You look so pretty after being sick, mashAllah! And your kids look soo happy and cute! I miss Eid as a kid =(

    Oh, and those prayer areas... are you for real?? People PRAYED there? I seriously can't imagine women filing in an orderly fashion *sarcasm* into and out of that box thing without causing some serious stampeding.
    Ugh. I hope you found a nice place to pray =)

  6. Welcome back! It looks like you enjoyed Eid despite the strep throat. I can empathise as I often get that as well :-(
    Great pics, shukran

  7. Eh, thanks you guys, I wasn't that sick yet.

  8. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Assalamu alaikum Mona :)!Nice to see you beautiful woman :)!

    May Allah give you joy in every day of your life,because I think you're such a good mom.You made everything perfect for your family and I'm sure they'll always remember Eids like the one you described and the trip.
    I hope you feel better now.You know,I had my tonsils removed years ago and it really is much better.
    I wish you a nice time :)!

    P.S.:These praying areas for women are a SHAME.I'd protest!

  9. I'm glad you had a good Eid!

  10. Welcome back Mona. Gorgeous pics as usual and I love this hijab on you :)

  11. I had my tonsils out in Cairo! I kept getting the infection over and over and it wouldn't cure itself, so out they came. Not my idea of fun, but it had to be done. And I must say, that my throat has been so much better ever since. InshAllah you will have a successful surgery as well.

  12. Jasmina, thanks you're really very sweet.

    Muslimahh, alhamdulilah, thanks.

    Hijabee, aw shucks. Thank you. bad is it? The operation that is? Thanks!

  13. love the pictures, but sorry you need your tonsils out :(

    are you on my left or the left you would be on if you were sitting in the picture. (which you are)

    ok never mind, dont answer. Not like you could, it doesnt even make sense!

  14. Thanks Khadra, yea I'm on the left side of the pic in black and white!


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