December 18, 2008


Ok. As Muslims we are forbidden to eat pork. Allah commanded that, but why is it that a lot of Muslims just hate pigs. I mean no one's asking you to put it on a spitfire and chow down. I have an acquaintance who would not accept a piglet doll for her daughter! An Islamic school had the ABC cards over the black board and when P was for Pig, they took it down! A neighbor was over when we were watching Charlotte's Web, and she was just disgusted by cute little Wilbur! It's just downright psycho. There's nothing to fear, why demonize pigs? Pigs are one of Allah's perfect creatures that he put on earth. Please relax.


  1. i love pigs!
    they are adorable!
    Come on who doesnt love BABE?

    i know what you mean.. people treat pigs like they are shaytaan on earth.. and why??

    pretty little pigs

  2. I loved Charlotte's Web, I can't wait till my daughter is old enough for me to read it to her. Some Muslims are too uptight.

  3. Well my husband is like that. He wouldnt let his children have Piglet or that donkey, whats his name? From Winnie the Pooh. I think it has to do with it being the most filthy of animals - you know eating its own crap and stuff like that. If we let our children play with it, they forget its purpose and that its really a dirty animal. Allahu alim. Besides, Arabs in general dont like any animal references... I learned that the hard way as well.

  4. Ok Umm Travis has spoken already and yes as she said it's the most filthy of all animals and shez right that if we let children play with it they forget its purpose .....

    You know some muslims even don't like to say that name they refer it as the dirty animal only thinking that by mentionin its name their tongues will get dirty ..... so one scholar said that it's name is mentioned in the Qur'an in various places how will u read the ayah or learn the ayah by-heart without repeating it's same several times ....... lol ........ ;)

  5. Ange, Babe is nowhere near as cute as Wilbur.

    Jessy, it is a great classic, even for this arachnophobe.

    UmmTravis, His name is Eyore. I don't know about eating their own stuff or what have you, I just don't see any reason to have such an adamant hate for something like this. No one's asking anyone to go pet it or whatever, but to make it it wrong to have a toy pig or donkey?? Come on, I respectfully disagree. I hate that Arabs are so anti-animals...its wrong and UnIslamic a lot of the time.

    Ms. Unique, "shez right that if we let children play with it they forget its purpose" What purpose? I don't get it.

    Not saying the name is ridiculous.

  6. I agree with you to a certain extent - the Arabs have exaggerated it quite a bit (as Ms U mentioned... not even wanting to say the word or teach it, this is a little extreme)

    On the other hand, having the kids playing with little piggies and thinking they are all cute and stuff makes them forget that pigs are the bottom feeders of the earth, ya know?

  7. I really can't agree, there is no harm whatsoever in kids playing with toy pigs, just typing that sounds ridiculous. They know it's haram to eat pork and whatever, they're dirty

  8. You are so right!
    Is like they fear them. My daughter loves a cartoon with pigs they show, I think the little pig in the cartoon is warming up to my husband...

  9. Heh, Mistika, what show?

  10. My husband HATES pigs too... I hate that about him. When we went to the zoo, he went nuts when a pig passed by our daughter. She was petting the sheep and goats but he just grabbed her and got super angry. As though eating and seeing pigs is the same thing! Same with a multi-coloured stuffed pig animal she got as a gift. He just made faces and tried to take it away when she wanted it. Come to think about it, I haven't seen that teddy in so long! :S

  11. I had a very similar conversation with my own husband not long after we were married (for anyone reading this who doesn't know me: my husband is Jordanian). We were at an Australian flea market and there was a small petting zoo there which included pigs.

    He was totally disgusted and grossed out just by the sight of them, really overreacting, although they were quite clean. I'm not sure about their eating habits, but I think that quite possibly, instead of repeating what you've heard about pigs, it might be useful to do some research. They are haraam to eat, but then again, so are lions; should we react with the same antipathy towards all animals we can't eat? Which is the point of the argument I made to my husband:

    Pigs (and lions) are the creation of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. Are you easy in your mind with reviling a part of His Creation? All parts of His Creation serve a purpose, from the lowliest of robotic viruses, to plants, to the intelligent mammals, such as ourselves, or elephants, or dolphins. All have their own beauty, however terrible it may be. No one is proposing that by recognizing the beauty inherent in pigs, you are therefore bound to eat them or to use their flesh in any form. Just don't mindlessly hate them. Don't hate something that Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has Created.

    I don't really buy the argument that exposing children to positive portrayals of pigs somehow predisposes them to want then *eat* pig (if anything, Babe and Wilbur argue against eating pork). It hasn't been true with my own children.

    ...And I have similar complaints about the way many Muslims, especially Arab, react around dogs -- who really are one of God's most beautiful creatures when they're allowed to fulfill their natural talents.

  12. Pigs are forbidden because their place in this world is that of a scavenger. They're like the worlds natural garbage disposal, and inshAllah none of us eat garbage LOL. Islam has always been logical in my mind and hating random animals doesn't seem too logical to me. I think pigs are smelly and don't like them, but cartoon and plush piggies are adoooorable!! I don't understand the hate!

  13. I just had this discussion with a friend of mine and she feels the same as Umm Travis and Ms. Unique. Personally, I'm with Mona. I think its ridiculous that people hate pigs. How could you hate a creature of Allah??

  14. Bea, overreacting is the right word here...I've seen that's a bit much.

    I love animals, Lions being one of my favorite...Tigers being THE fave.
    Alot of this is cultural stuff seeping in.

    I agree about many strays here, unfortunately.

    MJ, yea hug a plush pig not a real one I say! ;)

    Muslimahh, yea, inshaAllah people can see that we shouldn't waste our energy on hating and banning piggies and such.

  15. pigs are haram to EAT.
    dogs are haram to KEEP IN THE HOUSE.

    thats it people!!!!

    whts with the animal hate?
    if anything we are taught to love, care for and respect all animals.

    there is no mention in islam about hating an animal just because we a limited to it in certain ways.

    if there was a cute lil piggie in front of me now i would pick it up,give it a great big hig and a kiss on the head.

    VIVA LA PIG!!!

  16. I grew up on a farm. We raised many kinds of livestock at various times, including pigs (my family's not Muslim). Pigs are not dirty animals, no more than any other farm animal. If they are kept in poor conditions, surrounded by their own waste, as at many commercial farms, of course they are dirty then.
    I'm with mona, they are just another animal created by Allah and should not be demonized. Relax!

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  18. Personally, I have no problems with pigs. It is after all, god's creation. Back in elementary school, I used to see trucks loaded with pigs being transported to a neighboring country. As a city kid, seeing such a spectacle is well... cool. *odd eh?* I do know some people that refuse to mention the word. When they have to, they prefer to spell it out or refer it as 'It'.

  19. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Actually, Ange, dogs are haram to keep in only certain areas of a house, though it would be easier to just keep them outside. A lot of people say having dogs is haram, but if you look into it, dogs licking you is actually what makes your nargis, not them being around u

  20. anon i have heard that its the whole house. can u show me where it says only certain parts of the house.. because im going off the hadith where the prophet got angry because the angel Jibril didnt visit him at the planned time because of a puppy that was hidden in the room - so he ordered for all dogs to be kept outside.

    im not being a smartarse or anything - i actually wanna know - cos if so im getting a puppy!

    i love dogs so much. najis or not najis - i love doggies!

  21. Thanks everyone, Love Allah's creatures!

  22. Mona-

    People do tend to get a little psychotic over this... lol

    But I see you've been tagged.... tagging you again!

  23. I love Charlotte's Webb and little stuffed piggies are so cute but I'm scared of animals :( don't know why, I always think they're gonna attack me (maybe because I've been bitten by a dog when I was a kid), hence I'm also scared of pigs !

    As far as dogs are concerned ANGE, you can check this link

  24. It's a nice post :)
    Yes they are creations of Allah,
    and they have their places to live in.
    Allah created them for some purpose.
    But I don't like to be around me,
    I don't like them because they are dirty.
    I has not been hear about that some peoples even don't use the word pig,
    that's weird.

  25. My agreeing to Umm Travis's comment dosen't mean I hate pigs or spitfire at them or demonize them ..... In reality I don't have any feelings towards them ..... and the pigs in India coz I've seen them with my own two eyes and it makes me go sick thinking abt it are not as clean as they are in the West ..... Wallahi if u see them and their surroundings u'll not want to hug or kiss u'll puke .....

    And when I wrote about the ppl not wanting to even take it's name coz it's a filthy animal it was to Highlight their ignorance not approve of them and those r NOT arabs but Indian ignorant muslims not all Indian muslims again ..... I haven't heard it from any arab ....

  26. I do agree that we have no right to say anything bad about any of Allah's creation .....

  27. dudette3:20 AM

    The reason why pigs are filthy is because they are usually housed in squalid conditions. If pigs were taken care of in the same manner as horses (ie: in clean stables with fresh hay and all that) than we wouldn't even be having this discussion about pigs being the filthiest of creatures. And many animals feed on waste, including hamsters, rabbits, elephants, pandas, koalas, hippos, gorillas, and many more. Horses do it and so do chickens (who truly are amongst the worlds filthiest organisms imho) But I have yet to meet someone who would refuse a ride on a horse because they eat waste material or refuse a piece of fried chicken because they are dirty. So if the issue cleanliness and all that why aren't people all up in arms about these animals?

    And pigs are now being used to engineer prosthestic human parts such as heart valves and other body parts which are routinely used. I have no doubt that many of the people who go on about stuffed piglets would have absolutely no problem having a prosthetic pig valve transplanted into their heart if they were dying.

    And my rant is now done :)

  28. My husband does the same thing, I think its absurd to irrationally hate something.

    And alienbea brought up a really great point, its haram to eat donkeys but people ride on them all the time.

    Its so silly.

  29. hahaha my husband and i were just talking about pigs this morning!!! People overseas act as if the devil has touched them if they even SEE a pig.. i mean come on.. I know of people torturing pigs just because they live, Allah put them here for a reason. You have no right to torture them!!

  30. Salaam Alaikum,

    I have to echo dudette's comments that it just shows a lack of knowledge about animals in general to get so upset about pigs, when there are lots of supposedly 'clean' animals that practice copaphagy* (eating their own poo.). The vast majority of animals loath being in their own waste and find it very distressing.

    *This may not be the correct spelling, but I'm too scared to Google it for fear of what might come up.

  31. yea i gotta say there is really an over reaction to little piggies amongst the Muslim community, yes they are "yucky" like all things that live in their own filth but they are still a creation of Allah.
    i guess some people figure if you cant eat it, turn it in to a handbag or if its not fluffy like a kitten then it should be killed, a pretty horrible outlook on animals don't you think?

  32. LOL mona I agree. I don't see why all the hating to the poor things? There are plenty of animals we can't eat, so why single out the pigs. And yes we Arabs seem to have a neurotic hatred of certain animals, just think of how insulting the following are:ya kalb, ya khanzeer, ya erd, ya 7omar etc, etc.

  33. In Jordan at the mall, there was a big window advertisement from the West and some little girls are sitting in a barn holding small farm animals. I kept looking at the picture wondering what was wrong. Then I realized that the one girl was holding a pig which had been cut out and covered with the exact shape of a pig head but with wood tones of the background of the barn. They had gone to major efforts to cut out the piggy but there were kids holding dogs with no problem. Obsessive for sure. But see how Arabs react to any animal and you will see that they are scared to death of most live creatures. God forbid you have a cat in your house...oh boy.

  34. I think we've reached a consensus here, Pigs are ok...just don't eat 'em!

    Nicole, that's so pathetic...I wanna go stick pig stickers everywhere there now.


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