December 28, 2008

OH, Baby It's Cold In Here

So it's gotten kinda cold here lately. Cold is relative, I suppose, I type this as family and friends in the US are literally freezing. Yea, the houses here are not heated nor are the insulated so it's often colder inside these stone walls than out. I use the oven a lot in the winter to warm up the place. The kids will go off to school early in the morning in sweaters and jackets, then come home with both in their backpacks. Plus we have some wind here, that will always get you. I don't want to complain too much, It's very mild in comparison to other places, and during the day the sun is warm outside. I do get relief from my fuzzy slippers and the space heater made it's debut this week.


  1. My two are going to be in for it! They're sooo used to running around in their pj's, this one taking off that and other taking off their shirt... I usually keep the temp in the house at a very warm 72-75... my place is going to be space heater city! lol

  2. I have three and my husband is always trying to turn them off... I mean, there are only so many layers that a person can wear!

  3. Empress, Yea, layers and socks!

    UmmTravis..Do you have the three on at once? Our apt is small and we have 2 but only use one at a time...I don't like leaving them on at night, I worry about that, but we just turn it on in the living room sometimes and sometimes in my room for a while before I sleep...our room is so drafty with the balcony doors in there.


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