December 17, 2008


Another Tag, tagged by Ms.Unique & UmmTravis

Use the 1st Letter of your name to answer each question. Real answers, nothing made up. Try to use different answers than the person who tagged you did, if they have the same initial. You can't use your own name in the boy/girl name question.

  1. What is your name: Mona
  2. A 4 Letter word: More
  3. A Boys Name: Mazin
  4. A Girls Name: Manal
  5. An Occupation: Model
  6. A Color: Maroon
  7. Something you wear: Make-up!
  8. A Beverage: Mint Iced Tea
  9. A Food: Mashed Potatoes
  10. Something found in the bathroom: Mirror
  11. A place: Minsk
  12. A Reason for being late: My kids made me do it.
  13. Something you shout: MOMMY! (well, that's what I hear all day)
I tag anyone who wants to do this and hasn't already been tagged.


  1. Nice go .... hehe ... :)

  2. lol minsk?

    oh don't mind me...just stalking your blog/in a comment-y mood


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