December 25, 2008

Desktop Backgrounds

I'm always curious as to what people use as their desktop background. I switch mine up every few days, and I always unclick "view desktop icons" so I don't have to look at all those all the time. Right now it's this:

So beautiful...right now he looks like he's staring at my Yahoo Messenger saying "Look who's on..."

These are some of the ones I use a lot ...

My orange roses I used in the blog header.

They're in LOVE!


So cute.

Consider this a tag if you wish...Post your desktop background.


  1. My favorite wallpapers always seem to come from just one source: Vladstudio.

    Right now I have this wallpaper up -- it reminds me of my youngest, who is a complete SpongeBob Head at the moment!

    TV Heads

  2. Mona- love those pics!

  3. Bea! Thanks for that link...great images.

    Empres Anisa, thanks..I can't get enough of that tiger..look at him/her really, gorgeous. I keep meaning to say when I write your screen name, Sometimes I want to just write "Anisa" then I think to no it's Empress...Just Anisa wouldn't be fitting...

    Just me?


  4. look at that cat! mashaAllah!

  5. I always use Vladstudio as well, and I have two fav's which I keep switching between. Love this and equally love this .. ;-)


  6. Mahsallah those lions ... I feel the loooovvvvveeee

  7. I love the tiger, and the roses one. I just keep pictures of the girls, so I can remind myself how cute they are when they are driving me crazy.

  8. you seem to like a variety of cats!

    i usually make a picture in paint and write messages on it so when my hubby opens up the computer he gets a nice surprise

  9. Lazeena, I know..I just get lost in those eyes, even if it is photoshopped.

    Maryam, I love the spring in Japan one!

    Hungry Muslimah, I know! so sweet.

    Mistika, LOL...good idea!

    Ange, that, I do... Awww how sweet!

  10. love the lions!
    I often use a family pic or a silly thing that I draw on paint and

    "I love you" to my husband or something silly like that.

  11. Khadra, aren't they great? click on the image to get the full size and save it..then put it in paint and write a msg to your husband on there!


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