November 28, 2008

When In The Masjid

Hijabee Tagged me for this meme, a really good one....

The Rules:
Link back to the person who tagged you.List 3 ahadith you’d like to pin up in your masjid and why.Tag some of your fellow bloggers by linking to them in your post and don’t forget to post a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.

1.Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "A man saw a dog eating mud from (the severity of) thirst. So, that man took a shoe (and filled it) with water and kept on pouring the water for the dog till it quenched its thirst. So Allah approved of his deed and made him to enter Paradise." And narrated Hamza bin 'Abdullah: My father said. "During the lifetime of Allah's Apostle, the dogs used to urinate, and pass through the mosques (come and go), nevertheless they never used to sprinkle water on it (urine of the dog.)"
I've seen people FREAK OUT when a stray dog just comes near the front outside area of the masjid.

2.The Muslims should keep away from the Masjid all selling and buying transactions and crying out about something lost. Imams At-Tirmthi and An-Nisa'i reported that the prophet (S.A.W.) said: "If you see some one selling or buying inside the Masjid, say to him: May Allah not make your trading profitable. And if you see someone crying out inside the Masjid something he has lost, say to him: May Allah not restore it to you, for the Masajid were not built for this."
Every friday during the salat, fruit sellers gather outside the masjid waiting for the prayer to be over and sit there, not praying of course and the second the Imam makes Salam, they are calling out about what they're selling. Granted it's not inside but most of the people praying are outide just next to these sellers.

3.The Muslim should keep the Masjid clean and in good shape and smell because it is the house of Allah (S.W.T.). The prophet (S.A.W.) considered spitting in the Masjid to be a sin that could be forgiven only if the Muslim cleans the area. Imams Bukhari and Muslim reported that the prophet (S.A.W.) said: "Spitting in the Masjid is a sin and its expiation is clean it." When the prophet (S.A.W.) saw a spit in the Masjid, he used to remove it with a stone. The companions of the prophet (S.A.W.) used keep the Masjid clean. Imam Abu Dawod reported that Abdullah bin Omar (R.A.) used to put perfume inside the Masjid when Omar (R.A.) sat on the Minbar to deliver Friday speech.
Our masjid has trash all around it, inside the gates, above the roof and it's very unbecoming of the house of Allah. I once mentioned to my neighbor what if we organized a clean up, it would be a good lesson for the kids and she told me that would be crazy and everyone would think that's insane. Sigh.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


  1. Mona,
    These are beautiful hadiths. I guess litter is an issue in a lot of mosques.

  2. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I'm finally taking time to read what you girls wrote regarding this tag.I'm not so well acquainted with the hadiths,so it will take some time before I respond to this tag.
    Anyways,I thank you to do this,because for me it's a good way to learn more about Islam.
    Since I've been in only one mosque in my life,I don't really know how things work there.However,when I was at some Islamic conventions I saw people selling mostly religious staff.I liked it in a way.But,I guess these fruit sellers can be annoying.

  3. Yea Hijabee, it is unfortunately.

    Natasha, I'm so glad you are going to do the tag, take your time inshaAllah.


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